JAUPT Top Five Findings During Audits – December 2019

Below is a detailed list of the top five auditing findings found buy JAUPT during Centre Quality Assurance Visits and Course Quality Assurance Visits during the period 1st July to 30th September 2019. The previous results, which we circulated in October 2019, can be found here for your reference. 

Centre Quality Assurance Visits:

  1. The centre can demonstrate that effective processes are in place to quality assure associated risks to the delivery of periodic training: The Scheme of Control is used against processes, procedures and policies to ensure it is kept up to date and current, and any risks pertaining to Periodic Training are controlled. RTITB, as the Consortium Lead, manages the Scheme of Control for the whole Consortium, so you don’t need to produce/maintain your own.
  2. The centre has an auditable trail of persons authorised to upload information to the R&E System/DVA Online Database: As the Consortium Lead, RTITB upload to the R&E system on your behalf. We keep an auditable trail of staff members who are authorised to access this system and this is reviewed monthly in order to ensure this information is current and correct.
  3. The centre has a process for preventing access to the R&E System/DVA Online Database once a person is de-registered: Access to R&E is controlled by RTITB’s external IT supplier. Staff members who are granted access to the system are provided with an instant-access profile, meaning no password information is accessible to staff that could be copied and shared externally.
  4. The centre assesses the suitability and safety of training venues: Members are responsible for ensuring that venues used to deliver training are safe and conducive for a learning environment. The safety and suitability of venues should be checked and recorded prior to use. You can find our Venue and Facilities checklist here which will help you to assess each venue for suitability and safety.
  5. The centre can demonstrate trainers undergo progressive training and CPD: JAUPT acknowledge that most centres do this but do not effectively record it. Once a year we will ask you to provide us with a record of your instructor’s CPD. We expect instructors to have undergone around 7 hours per year, but there are many things that can constitute CPD, such as attending industry events and reading our e-bulletins. For a more detailed view of what sort of things count towards your CPD, please get in touch with the Master Driver team on the details below. You can find a copy of our Instructor CPD Training Record here.


Course Quality Assurance Visits:

  1. A full and auditable record was completed to confirm identity and the minimum attendance requirement was completed on each day: Members must ensure they use a ‘live’ attendance record to complete identity checks and confirm attended. Course timings must not be pre-populated on the record.
  2. The trainer provided opportunities for trainee questions, checked knowledge transfer throughout and confirmed learning outcomes were achieved: As a matter of good practice, candidates should be told (usually as part of the course introduction) what the approved aims and objectives of the course are. You’ll find the course objective inside the first page of instructor guides included within your Master Driver CPC Consortium material.
  3. As part of the course introduction trainees were told the approved aims and objectives of the course: As above, members should highlight the course objectives to candidates as part of the course delivery.
  4. The Driver CPC/SAFED logo is being used in accordance with the most recent Logo Guidelines: As the Consortium Lead, RTITB circulates logo updates to all members, with instructions, to ensure all members are using the correct logo. We check 10% of all members each month to ensure any JAUPT logos are being used within the stated guidelines and are current.
  5. The training venue’s welfare facilities were adequate: To ensure your training facilities are to the required standard prior to use, you can use the Venue/Facilities Checklist document which can be found here.

If you need any clarification on the above, please contact the Master Driver team on +44(0)1952 520211 or email them direct.