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4 ‘must have’ attributes for your Lift Truck Instructors

Blogs | 19th Apr 2023

Your Lift Truck Instructors are an important link between our industry and the people they train. The strength of this link influences many things. It brings much needed skills into the warehousing and logistics industry. It impacts candidates’ careers. And it affects the progress and prosperity of your business.

This rings true whether you are training Lift Truck operators in-house or your business is a training provider. So, it’s important to have the right expectations of your Lift Truck Instructors. Being good at operating equipment is not enough.

Here are 4 Lift Truck Instructor “must haves”.

  1. A high level of skill and knowledge

Your Instructors should of course be a master of the skills they teach. That applies on a practical level for specific equipment types. But they should have a thorough knowledge of the subject on a theoretical side too. As well as an understanding of the bigger picture in your business, and how training plays an important part.

They should be passionate about our industry and their role as an Instructor, and be keen to keep their skills and knowledge up to date.

  1. Efficiency in instructing others

The skills required to train others are very different to the skills required to operate a lift truck. For example, your Instructors need to be able to structure training content into the right sequence to help candidates to develop knowledge and skills.

They must adopt effective styles for teaching the skills appropriate for the type of truck. They must also deliver tests that enable candidates to be assessed in accordance with requirements.

Your Instructors should never just be going through the motions. They must adopt an objective and critical approach towards the effectiveness of their courses, and seek ways to adapt and improve the training if necessary.

  1. Leadership qualities

An Instructor needs a personality that can attract and hold the attention of training candidates. This is essential to keep candidates feeling engaged during a course.

They should have the capacity to positively influence others and gain cooperation. Especially as some training candidates can have challenging personalities or be disinterested in learning. They must be enthusiastic about training and our industry.

As leaders, they must also demonstrate an understanding of the difficulties learners may experience. And have the patience and interest to be every candidates’ guide.

  1. A commitment to safety

Instructors must be familiar with relevant safety legislation and code of practice. They should understand and follow all company safety policies. And they should be prepared to make recommendations on how to best implement safe operating practices.

They should set an example by always being safety conscious. They should ensure the training area is free from sources of danger and minimise risk (including carrying out risk assessments). They must ensure that all equipment is safe to use and ensure that everyone is wearing protective clothing, and observing safety procedures during training.

They must also make delegates aware of their responsibilities around safe use of equipment, ensuring candidates understand company safety regulations.

Train the best Lift Truck Instructors

In short, you should expect your Instructors to be professional, flexible, knowledgeable, safe, and committed to delivering quality training.

To achieve that, first you need to ensure you select the right candidates to become Lift Truck Instructors. Based on both their skills, personality, and other attributes. We have a free Lift Truck Candidate Selection Guide to help you with this.

Download Now

Instructors also need to have been trained correctly themselves. Not all Lift Truck Instructor training is the same.

RTITB Lift Truck Instructor training has been created with the high standards you need in mind. It includes impartial examinations to confirm competence. This exam also has an advanced pass requirement. Candidates must demonstrate they can deliver both theory and practical training. They must also conduct a lift truck pre-use inspection, as this is vital for safety.

RTITB Lift Truck Instructor courses are available for candidates that are completely new to being a trainer.  Refresher and conversion courses to the same high standard are also available for those who may already have received Instructor training.

All of these courses are available now from the network of RTITB Accredited Instructor Centres.

Expect more from your Lift Truck Instructors. Find your local training partner now.