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4 Reasons to Convert to an RTITB Instructor Qualification

Blogs | 18th Jan 2023
RTITB Instructor Qualification

Not all Lift Truck Instructor qualifications are equal. RTITB Instructor qualifications are highly sought after by warehousing, logistics and transport businesses. Converting your existing Instructors’ qualifications to the RTITB standard can bring many benefits. From safety and compliance to time saving.

Here are 4 reasons to consider an RTITB Lift Truck Instructor conversion course.

  1. Impartial examinations confirm competence

To become an RTITB qualified Lift Truck Instructor, conversion course candidates must not only attend the course. They must also successfully complete a comprehensive, impartial examination.

This is not conducted by the course Instructor, but by an RTITB Examiner. Just like when you learn to drive a car. This removes any potential bias.

As a result, employers can be assured that Instructors have the required level of skill and knowledge. And this enables them to deliver an excellent standard of operator training.

  1. High exam standards

The examination to become an RTITB Lift Truck Instructor sets an advanced pass requirement.

Candidates must also conduct a lift truck pre-use inspection. Correct pre-use inspection is vital for preventing incidents and ensuring safety.

The exam also assesses practical instruction. It demands the ability to demonstrate and explain new skills safely and effectively. Candidates must also show that they can plan lessons and deliver classroom/theory training.

  1. A commitment to improving Instructor standards

Increasingly, RTITB is encountering too many instructors whose own operator-level underpinning knowledge is poor to non-existent. We cannot, in good conscience, ignore the significant risk this presents to safety in our industry. RTITB’s 5000+ Instructors are training 10s of 1000s of operators every year and must pass on accurate and relevant safety information.

As of 1st January 2023, RTITB changed the pre-course requirements for attending its Lift Truck Instructor course. This will help improve the quality of RTITB Instructors and, in turn, industry-wide safety.

All candidates attending an RTITB Instructor course must now have completed the eTruck UK lift truck theory eLearning course. So, Instructor training candidates attend the course with a suitable level of operator-level underpinning knowledge.  This helps ensure that accurate and relevant safety information is passed down to the operators they train.

eTruck covers content not seen in traditional operator theory training sessions. For instance, it considers behavioural safety and awareness. Such as the effect of stress on decision making.

This eligibility change is part of a ‘flipped classroom’ approach. This is the first step in a wider update that will be made to the RTITB Lift Truck Instructor course. It modernises the training. It gives candidates more control of their own learning, while also improving their digital skills.

A ‘flipped classroom’ also pushes candidates to engage in more active learning. This supports better knowledge retention. And it enables them to arrive at the course with greater confidence.

We recently held a webinar to explain all the recent eligibility changes. Watch it here.

  1. Direct transfer option for time-poor businesses

A new ‘direct transfer’ conversion option will be introduced for Lift Truck Instructor training. This is for candidates that are currently registered with another Accrediting Bodies Association for Workplace Transport (ABA) member.

It allows Instructors to complete a detailed online assessment covering key areas of skill and knowledge. Those who successfully do so, can convert their qualification without attending a three or five-day conversion course. Instead of losing this time to attending training, competent Instructors can be where they are most valuable – delivering training to others.

Book RTITB Instructor Conversion training

To book a place at an RTITB Lift Truck Instructor conversion course, search for your local RTITB Accredited Instructor Centre. Or to arrange a direct transfer assessment, please contact our team.

Remember! Those that convert to an RTITB Instructor qualification will also be supported with a monthly technical and best practice e-bulletin, will receive bonus store credit for the RTITB Shop on qualification, AND receive an ongoing discount on online purchases.