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4 ways reskilling can benefit your Instructors and your operation

News | 8th Nov 2022
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In many warehousing and logistics businesses, the right candidates to fill vacant positions are in short supply. Tapping into transferrable skills could offer a solution, and provide career development opportunities at the same time. Have you considered reskilling your team?

Being multi-skilled gives your employees more opportunity, which in turn, opens up opportunities for your business. Here are four of the things that reskilling Instructors could help you do, to benefit your business and your in-house training team.

  1. Clear training backlogs

Managing staff shortages is not just about having the people available. It’s also about having the correct training available. If you are recruiting new staff to fill vacancies in the warehouse for example, you may need to deliver novice Lift Truck operator training.

What’s more, existing Lift Truck operators require regular refresher training to remain safe and compliant. And LGV/HGV drivers must legally carry out their Driver CPC periodic training.

So if you’re short of Instructors, how can you ensure that essential training takes place? One way is to upskill, re-skill, or cross-skill your existing Instructors to fill the gap. You already know that they have the attributes to be an effective trainer, so can use those transferrable skills across different equipment types.

Perhaps a qualified LGV Instructor could become a Lift Truck Instructor, or a Driver CPC Instructor could become an LGV Fleet Instructor. With the flexibility to deliver multiple types of courses, you can improve the flow of much needed new talent into the business. You can also schedule training to suit your operation’s demands, and even start to eliminate your training bottlenecks.

  1. Prepare for business change

It is an uncertain time for many organisations in the transport and logistics industry. During this period, it is important to prepare for potential changes. Those changes might be to people, regulations, or equipment used.

Having a team of multiskilled Instructors helps to keep your operation agile. You’ll have the Instructors you need when the need for HGV/LGV drivers is high, and the Instructors you need to deal with seasonal warehouse peaks. It also prepares your business for future growth and employment opportunities.

Should the demands on your business change, reskilling also means that you can retain talented employees. Re-routing them into a different type of Instructor role gives them new skills to contribute to the business.

Re-skilling Instructors across multiple equipment or vehicle types, also helps keep your operation up to date with developments, best practice, and legislation right across the industry. As things change, training courses are updated, which helps Instructors to stay up to speed too. The result is better safety and compliance for your business, day to day.

  1. Encourage career progression and personal growth

Professional development, which leads to career progression, helps to bring a sense of satisfaction to employees, boosting morale and supporting wellbeing.

Training to reskill as a different type of Instructor (from Lift Truck Instructor to LGV/HGV Instructor for example) brings diversity to an employee’s role. This not only helps to fill skills gaps, it also helps to keep employees engaged as they acquire new skills and develop their careers.

When employees feel valued, useful, and like they are progressing in their careers, they are more likely to feel engaged and loyal to their employer.  When workers feel that their workplace cares about skills training, they’re about 94% more likely to stay within the company.

  1. Attract new talent

Employee engagement and training opportunities also play a vital role in retaining and attracting new talent for your business.

Many potential employees will want to work for an organisation that values its current employees. Reskilling shows that your business is helping your team members to expand their skills and roles within the company. It demonstrates that there are career opportunities and a level of job security should their position change in the future.  A strong reputation in these areas can make you a more attractive employer.

Training Instructors within your business also helps to develop ‘soft skills’, such as communication, teamwork, leadership, and stress management. These skills can help to enhance efficiency, and safety, and contribute to a more contented workplace. This can also help to retain and attract employees.

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