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6 Ways to Tackle Rising Business Costs with RTITB

Blogs | 9th Aug 2023

At our recent members’ meetings for RTITB Accredited Partners, we ran a poll. We asked, ‘What is your current greatest business challenge?’. 51% of respondents told us that it was rising costs. While there is nothing we can do to prevent expenses such as high energy rates, RTITB is committed to helping you save money.

Here are six ways that RTITB solutions can help your training business reduce costs.

  1. Time-saving app

The MyRTITB TrainingFriend app is designed to make operator training administration and assessment 100% paperless. This means there is no need to buy, print, or photocopy test marking sheets, training records, or registration forms. This helps save money, while also saving time.

With this, comes further cost reductions. With less administration requirements, it can free up administrators’ time. This can then be devoted to more value-added tasks. For example, supporting sales. 9.5% of those responding to our member survey said sales were their biggest business challenge at the moment. Extra resource here, without paying for a greater headcount, could help boost revenue.

The app also saves your Instructors time. For instance, there is no need to create or update theory papers, as these are ready for every course on the app already. Training record PDFs can be automatically created in the app, removing another manual task. Candidates can also be registered onto the RTITB database in just one click. The result of this smart way of working is that Instructors have more time. Time to dedicate to running courses – the area your revenue comes from.

  1. Online forklift theory training

In the UK, RTITB is the only place to access the award-winning eTruck UK forklift theory training platform. This unique eLearning method can be used for counterbalance and reach truck operators. It enables them to complete the theory part of their training online, anytime, anywhere with a web browser.

For novice courses, this means your Instructors can reduce the amount of training time they need to allocate by up to 2 days per course. In the case of refresher training, three candidates can be trained in the time it would otherwise take to train one.

With eTruck, Instructors can deliver more practical training, and a greater number of courses overall. This helps your business generate greater income in the same amount of time without recruiting more instructors and increasing overheads

  1. Ready-made training materials

Instead of spending time and money developing your own lift truck training PowerPoints or test question papers, you can get everything you need via the RTITB eLibrary. This includes up-to-date and ready-to-go training materials. Including Instructor PowerPoints and Trainers’ Guides, Testing Papers and Test Marking Sheets, and Training Recommendations. Plus, Operator Safety Codes, handy Pocket Guides, and training videos.

This can be included in the annual Accreditation fee or can be accessed without the accreditation service. There are no hidden costs throughout the year, even when new courses are added or updated, so its easy to budget for.

  1. Flexible pricing options

Economic uncertainties are affecting businesses in different ways. So we understand that “one size fits all” doesn’t really apply for training providers seeking RTITB Accreditation. That is why we offer businesses a range of different pricing structures to choose from.

For smaller businesses, or those just getting started, we also offer a ‘pay as you go’ option with no up-front fee. This supports cashflow and prevents unnecessary spend if things change, helping reduce overall costs.

  1. Money saving bundles

Remember – the RTITB Online Shop offers a range of excellent value training materials, aids, and accessories. For even better value, you can buy items as part of money-saving bundles, helping your budget go further.

  1. Super support – free of charge

Time spent troubleshooting costs you money. To reduce overall business costs, working efficiently is key. That is exactly what our team helps our RTITB accredited training providers to do.

At no extra cost, you can benefit from our full support. Our highly responsive team is there whenever you need it, with advice or technical support. By helping you work productively, we aim to help you work more profitably too.

Let us help you tackle rising costs

Whether you are already an RTITB accredited partner, or still considering RTITB Accreditation, please reach out to our team for more advice. We know times are tough and are dedicated to helping you.