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Amusement Company Fined After HGV Death

News | 9th Dec 2016

A fairground company has been fined over £130,000 after an employee was run over and killed by a HGV on site.

In April 2011, Michael O’Brien was setting up a fair in Wellingborough for Stevens Amusements. A HGV was being driven by the company director, John Guest, who was attempting to manoeuvre a ride into position. Although there was a banksman on site, they were guiding Mr Guest from the passenger’s side, while Mr O’Brien was on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

Mr O’Brien was hit and run over by the vehicle, suffering severe crush injuries to his head and upper body. An investigation carried out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that inadequate arrangements had been made in order to keep pedestrians separate, and therefore safe, from moving vehicles at the site.

At a hearing following the incident on 5th December 2016, Steven Amusements, was found guilty of breaching the Health and safety at Work etc Act 1974 and ordered to pay a fine of £47,475, with further costs of £82,946.11.

Commenting on the case HSE inspector, Sally Harris, said: “This incident was entirely avoidable. Manoeuvring large vehicles in a public place is very dangerous. If proper precautions had been taken to control access to the area where the ride was being moved, then Mr O’Brien would not have lost his life.


Source: Commercial Motor (www.commercialmotor.com), Amusements company fined after employee run over by HGV, 8th December 2016. Read the full article.