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Audits and Instructor Examinations – Still Going Strong!

Blogs | 21st Aug 2020

When the Covid-19 lockdown began back in March, there was uncertainty for many businesses in the workplace transport industry, including those delivering forklift operator training and Driver CPC training. In-house training departments and commercial training providers alike have had to adapt to new and different ways of doing things, which has not been without its challenges.

However, we’ve been extremely impressed with how flexible and understanding our RTITB Accredited Partners and Driver CPC Consortium members have been in accommodating us to deliver the necessary audits and exams during this strange time.

Thanks to the audits and Instructor examinations that have taken place, we’ve been able to do our part in helping to keep logistics operations running, including those in critical operations.

How many audits and Instructor examinations have been conducted?

March – post 23rd (start of lockdown)

  • Lift Truck Audits – 4
  • Lift Truck Instructor Exams – 2
  • DCPC Audits – 5


  • Lift Truck Audits – 23
  • Lift Truck Instructor Exams – 5
  • DCPC Audits – 45


  • Lift Truck Audits – 22
  • Lift Truck Instructor Exams – 8
  • DCPC Audits – 32


  • Lift Truck Audits – 30
  • Lift Truck Instructor Exams – 15
  • DCPC Audits – 7


  • Lift Truck Audits – 32
  • Lift Truck Instructor Exams – 25
  • DCPC Audits – 4

Thank you to all of our RTITB Accredited Partners and RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium members for your adaptability and support during this time. We look forward to continuing to navigate this new training landscape with you, whatever happens next!

Remember, our Solutions team is always on hand to find ways to help ensure that vital training and examinations take place. Get in touch with our friendly team for support and advice.