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Boost your business with our new Marketing Toolkit

Blogs | 24th Mar 2021

During these current tough times, it’s important to make use of every tool available to help your training business survive and thrive. To help RTITB Accredited Training Providers grow their organisations and build their reputation, a new, free marketing toolkit is now available.

RTITB Marketing Toolkit for Training Providers

Stumped by social media? Puzzled by press releases? Don’t worry! We’re here to help with your marketing.

We know that the right marketing can be the difference when it comes to raising your profile and nurturing potential new business. That’s why when you become an RTITB Accredited Training Provider, you’ll gain access to our new Marketing Toolkit – a unique benefit you’ll only get as an RTITB Partner.

The free marketing toolkit includes an extensive range of marketing materials such as:

Content for your website

Customisable text for your website will help you show potential and existing customers that you’re an RTITB Accredited Partner, reassuring them of your high quality training standards.

Also included is an editable banner to further showcase your RTITB status online.

Press release template

In the toolkit, you’ll get access to a press release template that you can use to promote that you’re an RTITB Accredited Partner and showcase the services you offer. It’s ideal for use with your local press. Guides on writing a press release are included too.

Social media advice

Social media can be a fantastic way to engage with your clients, increase brand visibility and gain trust in your company. Whether your business is small or large, social media should be an important part of your marketing strategy.

Even if you use social media outside of work, doing social posts for a business is very different. The toolkit includes our simple guide to social media and how to engage with users on some of the world’s biggest platforms, from LinkedIn to YouTube and everything in between.

Logos to show you’re the best!

As an RTITB Accredited Partner, you are able to use the RTITB logo across your website and materials to show that you’re invested in being the best you can be, along with upholding the very best standards possible.

In the brand new Marketing Toolkit, you’ll be able to access the logo in all the formats you might need, as well as detailed guidelines on how to use the RTITB Partner logo correctly, and to its best effect.

Images to make you look fantastic!

The marketing toolkit gives you exclusive access to a variety of professional RTITB images to use throughout your website or on your marketing materials. This will help your materials look polished and professional, while reinforcing your status as an RTITB Accredited Partner.

We’re here to help promote you

At RTITB, we’re here to help your business succeed. We’ll promote you, not compete with you! We’ll list you on our Course Locator webpage which has 14,000 views each month! We also organise targeted Google advertising campaigns to promote your business at no extra cost.

When you become an RTITB Accredited Partner,we’ll advertise this on our website and across our social channels that have a combined total of over 6,800 followers. Plus, we’ll also draft a press release on your behalf and distribute it to a local publication of your choice.

Benefits of RTITB Accreditation don’t stop there!

Think accreditation and compliance will be costly? Wrong! With a range of flexible pricing options, you can select the one which works best for your business and the number of candidates you’re likely to train. There is even a ‘pay as you go’ option, priced per course with no upfront fee.

What’s more, we include the option to issue joint-branded certificates that can be either restricted for use only within your customers’ business, or transferable – it’s no longer necessary to issue ‘in-house’ certificates.

Save time with the MyRTITB TrainingFriend app

Nowadays there’s an app for everything but did you know there’s even an app to help with lift truck training?

As an RTITB Accredited Partner, you’ll get unlimited free licenses for the award-winning MyRTITB TrainingFriend app, which not only saves Instructors up to 5 hours of admin and assessment time per course, but also makes training 100% paperless. The award-winning app covers more than 120 machine types, and gives your customers reassurance that operators are assessed correctly and that training records are compliant.

See our on-demand MyRTITB TrainingFriend app demo.

Become an RTITB Accredited Partner

Don’t delay! Get in touch today with a member of our knowledgeable team who can provide details and consultation on the best RTITB Accreditation option for your needs.

Or, if you’re already an RTITB Accredited Training Provider, log on to your MyRTITB Portal now to access your marketing toolkit and get started!