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Department for Transport (DfT) Confirm Driver CPC Changes

Blogs | 3rd Jan 2024
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In April 2023 a consultation was held on proposed changes to the Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence). Its purpose was to gather views on measures to make it simpler to become and remain a professional driver in the UK.

In preparation for our response to the consultation we talked to companies and drivers, and found they shared our appetite to reform Driver CPC. Only 23% of the road haulage operators we surveyed were content with current DCPC arrangement, however 63% supported a reform. Only 14% called for the abolition of Driver CPC. Among the drivers we surveyed, only 27% are content with the current scheme, with 49% calling for reform.

On the 11th December 2023, the Department for Transport (DfT) published its response to the consultation, and we can now confirm the changes will include:

  • The introduction of a National Driver CPC (N-DCPC) that will cover driving a lorry, bus or coach in the UK
  • Training courses will be able to be completed in blocks of 3.5 hours rather than the current seven hours
  • Increasing the amount of eLearning that can be completed to 12 hours
  • De-couple eLearning from instructor-led training

These changes will only apply to the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence qualification for driving a lorry, bus or coach solely within the UK. Those wanting to drive a lorry, bus or coach outside of the UK will need to complete the training within the existing rules which will not change from 35 hours of training every 5 years.

Returning to driving

The government is also looking to speed up the process for drivers whose Driver CPC has run out to return to driving a lorry, bus or coach in the UK. This would be by allowing them to take seven hours of training before returning to the sector and making the remaining 28 hours up t within the first year. This would only be for N-DCPC and is not expected to be introduced until 2025.

Further consultation

The consultation also asked about the introduction of a periodic test to take the place of training. Further consultation will be launched in the new year to examine this option further.

Time frames for these changes

  • Early 2024 will see further consultation to review the introduction of a periodic test to take the place of training.
  • The already confirmed changes will come into place Summer 2024
  • The estimated time frame for the changes to returning drivers will be 2025, this will allow returning drivers to take 7 hours of training before returning to the industry (then having 1 year to complete the remaining 28 hours)

RTITB will start work on the Driver CPC Consortium systems to accommodate these changes and will update Driver CPC Consortium Members in due course, but should you have any questions or would like some further clarification in the meantime, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team on +44 (0) 1952 520211 or masterdrivercpc@rtitb.com.

Author bio:

Sarah Brown, Driver CPC, RTITB

Sarah has been working at RTITB since 2010. During her time at RTITB she has been a part of the auditing team and customer support team. In 2020 she was made Driver CPC Manager. She is always thinking of new ways to make improvements within the logistics and transport industry across the UK, Ireland, and beyond. Sarah is also a qualified ISO9001 Lead Auditor and is currently completing her Transport Manager CPC qualification.