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Developing my own training materials is expensive and time consuming – how can RTITB help?

Blogs | 13th Jan 2023
How RTITB Accredited organisations save time and money

In financially challenging times, many businesses want to reduce costs. But still need to deliver safe and effective operator training. So, it is understandable that we are often asked “how can RTITB Accreditation reduce the time and cost spent on developing training materials?”.

There are many big benefits of RTITB Accreditation, which you can read more about here. However, in this blog we will focus on one that you might not be aware of – unlimited access to the RTITB eLibrary. This is an online tool which accredited partners can access via a secure login extranet portal.

Here are some of the ways that it helps to save time and money for in-house RTITB Accredited organisations.

One single fee covers everything

Access to the RTITB eLibrary is covered in the single annual accreditation fee. And it contains every up-to-date training material that you could need. That means everything in the RTITB Shop, apart from clothing/accessories.  You have access to it all, from Instructor PowerPoints and Trainers’ Guides, Testing Papers and Test Marking Sheets, and Training Recommendations, all the way through to Operator Safety Codes, handy Pocket Guides, and training videos. And always up to date.

We understand the importance of budgeting, for every business. So, once your annual fee is paid, you won’t need to purchase a single piece of additional training material for the year – even if changes are made to legislation or training best practice.

Keep training materials organised in one place

Instructors working for RTITB accredited organisations can save time when planning lessons and training, by having all the training materials they need, stored in one place, online.

No more shuffling through piles of paper or searching for their most recent testing and training materials in a stack of binders. They can simply log on to their secure portal and everything they need will be there. Materials can also be downloaded for use when working off site or without internet access.

Always have access to the latest training materials

All course material updates on the RTITB eLibrary are included free of charge. Plus, any new courses released are also added completely free of charge. Furthermore, a notification system informs the user anytime a document/PowerPoint etc. has been updated, so there is no confusion over whether it is the latest version.

This means that when using materials from the RTITB eLibrary, you can know your team is always using, correct and most up to date versions. You don’t have to spend time checking this.

The materials are regularly updated to be legally compliant. This means business and Instructors can be assured that the training they deliver is always in line with regulations. And don’t have to spend money on new materials when guidelines or laws change.

Standardised training materials to support efficiency

As well as being legally complaint, all the training materials in the RTITB eLibrary have been developed to the same high standard, in terms of content and format. The training materials are engaging, and written with the training candidate in mind. Testing is also held to a high standard to ensure training candidates really know their stuff in order to pass their tests.

Having access to standardised materials is beneficial for the Instructors, the training candidates and the business. Familiarity with the standardised materials helps Instructors to deliver training confidently and efficiently. Training candidates will also develop a familiarity with the standardised materials, helping to build their confidence, knowledge, and skills.

For organisations that prefer to use their own branded training materials, dual branded options are also available. They can also have their own documentation added to a bespoke portal if required.

Downloadable for use offline

All training materials are quickly and easily accessed online from the RTITB eLibrary. What’s more, they can be downloaded and saved for offline use too.

So even without an internet connection, the most up to date training materials can be used to deliver safe and effective training.  No need for Instructors to waste any time waiting for a stable connection, or worrying about losing any half completed work.

Learn more about RTITB eLibrary and Accreditation

Take a look at what is available in the RTITB eLibrary and contact us to learn how to become an RTITB accredited organisation.

For those serious about saving time and money, and reducing environmental impact, the MyRTITB TrainingFriend app, is another paperless tool from RTITB. This app supports training administration and assessments. It saves Instructors time, improving accuracy and supporting compliance. By supporting organisations with helpful digital tools, they can focus on providing the high standard of training which ultimately results in safe and efficient operators.

Get in touch with our friendly team today on +44 (0) 1952 520200 or email solutions@rtitb.com with any questions that you have or to become accredited.

Discover the full benefits of RTITB Accreditation here. From improving safety and business efficiency, to maximising your training investment.