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Do You Know What to Look for in a Lift Truck Instructor?

Blogs | 27th Aug 2021
Lift Truck Instructor

There are certain skills, experience, and attributes that a good Lift Truck Instructor should possess. Relevant experience as an operator is important, but there is so much more that makes a candidate a good potential Instructor!

When recruiting, employers usually look for the candidates with the most experience, but this is a common misconception. Whilst they may be model employees, they may not necessarily result in the best Instructors.

At RTITB, we understand how challenging it can be to make the right decisions, whether you make a new hire or promote the best candidate into a Lift Truck Instructor position, so we’ve created a handy resource to guide in-house training teams and training providers on what they should look for, before investing in a Lift Truck Instructor course.

Download the RTITB Lift Truck Instructor Candidate Selection guide here.

Below we’ve also answered some of the key questions we often get asked about how to select the right individuals for Instructor training.

How much industry experience does a Lift Truck Instructor need?

In most cases, the more experience a candidate has, the better, but as a minimum, you should ask for at least 6 months industrial operating experience. This experience is vital for enabling them to put their instruction in context and ensure they have sufficient knowledge of a trainee forklift operators’ typical working environment.

To help uphold and encourage safe practices, they should also not have had any incidents or accidents in the 12 months prior to taking the Lift Truck Instructor course.

What specific skills does a Lift Truck Instructor require?

Before they can train forklift operators, the Lift Truck Instructor candidate should have a high standard of operating ability themselves. They will be required to pass the practical operating test (with 25 penalty points or less) during the Instructor course. They should also be competent in technology, literacy, and numeracy, as all are required to deliver effective training for a lift truck operator .

What qualifications should a Lift Truck Instructor have?

When recruiting Lift Truck Instructors, check whether they have documentary evidence, such as certificates, test marking sheets, and training records, that show they have successfully completed a Counterbalance Operator course (or a different course applicable to the type of machine they will be instructing on), within the 12 months that precede the Lift Truck Instructor Course start date.

What other attributes should a Lift Truck Instructor possess?

It can be difficult to find the right personality and attributes that make a good Lift Truck Instructor. Initial concerns include whether you should employ a new person to join your team or opt to promote from within instead?

That’s not where the concerns end either! If you do choose to go along the route of upskilling an existing member of your team, what’s to say they actually want to develop and be trained in the first place? Do they have what it takes to become an Instructor?

This is where we find it’s best to consider personal attributes as opposed to skillset as a good Lift Truck Instructor should possess strong leadership and communication skills and an interest and desire to share their skills and knowledge. It is also important that they are a character that can be trusted and respected amongst their colleagues. They should be organised, flexible, adaptable, approachable, and positive, with a responsible attitude.

More help to select a Lift Truck Instructor

It can save a lot of time and investment if you know whether an employee is suited to the job, before they attend a Lift Truck Instructor course. That’s why RTITB has created a resource to help in-house training teams and training providers to explore candidate suitability when recruiting new Lift Truck Instructors.

The quick and simple questionnaire is designed to help you identify whether a candidate has the right skills, experience, attributes, and qualifications for the job.

Download the FREE RTITB Lift truck Instructor Candidate Selection Guide today.