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Driver CPC Module in Focus: A Professional Driver’s Personal Development

Blogs | 15th Mar 2021
Driver CPC

Driver CPC is often looked by many businesses as a nuisance, a time-consuming ‘box-ticking’ task that’s good only for compliance. However, Driver CPC can offer a huge range of benefits, especially with the addition of our newest module: A Professional Driver’s Personal Development.

Delivering this module via your Driver CPC Periodic training can help you to:

  • Invest in developing your drivers, without investing extra budget or time
  • Retain your best drivers by showing you care about their professional development
  • Keep drivers engaged, interested, and motivated in doing a good job
  • Attract new talent with an attractive career development pathway

A Professional Driver’s Personal Development

The new module, accessible to RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium members, focuses on developing drivers’ skills and abilities in order for them to progress in their career. It is an ideal starting block to support drivers’ personal development and would work particularly well as part of a wider personal development plan.

The main focuses of the 3-hour module are the invaluable assets of teamwork, confidence, communication, and leadership skills. Within the module, the following topics will be covered in detail:


Drivers will be able to define and discuss teamwork as it applies to their working roles, including the foundations of and benefits of teamwork.

  • What is teamwork?
  • The foundations of teamwork
  • The benefits to the driver
  • Team players are more valuable


Drivers will be able to discuss the importance of confidence in their role as a driver, the benefits of confidence, and how to practice confidence as a skill.

  • What is self-confidence?
  • Why should drivers be self-confident?
  • How do you build confidence?
  • How can drivers show confidence in their working lives?


Drivers will be able to describe and discuss workplace communication skills and strategies and how these can be developed.

  • Communication in the workplace
  • What communication looks like today
  • Basic communication skills
  • How to practice good communication


Drivers will be able to discuss the role of leadership in the context of their daily lives, identify key skills which contribute to good leadership, and elaborate on how these can be developed.

  • What is leadership?
  • What are leadership skills?
  • Building leadership skills

You can’t afford NOT to do this!

It’s still largely believed that Driver CPC is a way to get around fines and penalties. Of course, this is important but in the current skills shortage, where are thousands of trained drivers short, it’s essential that the industry ensures that drivers are retained, and that they are offered opportunities to develop within their role.

RTITB Driver CPC Consortium

RTITB is committed to helping businesses navigate the road ahead, whether that’s repercussions of Brexit and the skills shortage or the fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic on the industry. That’s one of the reasons that we’re providing this new module and will be introducing other helpful new modules during 2021.

If you’re keen to offer this CPC module as part of your Driver CPC training, the RTITB online Driver CPC Periodic training portal gives you everything you need to create customised courses, maintaining high standards and saving both time and money.

Our engaging training materials are kept up to date with fresh topics, ready to cater to the real-world needs of drivers, while supporting business objectives and compliance.

By becoming a member of the RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium, businesses can not only reduce fuel costs, infringements and fines but ensure drivers are safer, healthier and more customer focused.

So don’t delay! Make your Driver CPC count today!