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How to choose the right End Point Assessment for LGV Driver Apprentices

Blogs | 26th Sep 2019
How to choose the right End Point Assessment for LGV Driver Apprentices

In our industry, there are concerns that transport and logistics training providers are struggling to fulfil delivery of apprenticeships due to a lack of suitable assessors to carry out End Point Assessments (EPAs). However, the expert team of assessors at RTITB is here to help!

RTITB is a registered End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) for transport and logistics apprenticeships, so we can help those offering LGV Driver apprenticeships (the ST0257 standard) with a high-quality assessment service.

Why do you need an End Point Assessment for LGV Driver apprentices?

The LGV Driver apprenticeship usually comprises of a 12-month training period, followed by an assessment when their employer is satisfied that the apprentice has achieved the required standard by acquiring the specified skills, knowledge and behaviours and is ready to be tested. This test is known as an EPA and without it, the apprenticeship is not complete and full levy funding cannot be recovered.

The EPA must be carried out by an assessor from an independent organisation, registered with the Education and Skills Funding Agency as an EPAO. If you are an employer or training provider, you can’t carry out EPAs for your own apprentices.

What should you look for in an LGV Driver End Point Assessor?

Here are three important questions you should ask when selecting the best provider for your LGV Driver End Point Assessments.

1. Do you usually assess transport industry apprentices?

Some EPAOs may be experienced in conducting EPAs for apprenticeships in other industries but have never worked with apprentices in the transport and logistics industry. While they may have the ability to assess apprentices to a minimum skills level, these assessors will lack the workplace competence and industry expertise to conduct the high-quality assessments needed.

At RTITB, all our assessors have genuine logistics and transport industry experience and understand the sector’s unique differences and challenges when it comes to LGV Driver training. So, as an employer you can rest assured that apprentices will get the level of assessment that they deserve.

2. Do you have in-house assessors?

With demand for EPAs high after the introduction of the apprenticeship levy, some EPAOs are using assessors who are external contractors that are trying to fit in EPAs around other work. However, at RTITB we employ our own team of professional assessors who have specific industry experience and are closely monitored to ensure consistently high assessment standards. All our EPA assessors have a wealth of experience in carrying out RTITB’s other important industry assessments, such as National Register of LGV Instructor examinations.

We don’t deliver apprentice training, so our focus is solely on developing fair, consistent and efficient assessments. Our assessors regularly hold standardisation meetings to ensure a consistent approach to assessment and that high standards are upheld.

3. What is the lead time?

Some registered apprenticeship training providers have been given lead times of 3 months by some EPAOs when they’ve requested EPAs for LGV Driver apprentices. We don’t think this is fair on the apprentices who have worked hard to get ready for their EPA and it undermines confidence in logistics apprenticeships.

Our large team of assessors is ready to conduct RTITB EPAs with a lead time of less than 4 weeks, either in your workplace or training provider’s premises. The EPA for the LGV Driver apprentice includes two elements (theory and practical), each providing half of the candidate’s overall grade of pass or distinction.

Book an RTITB LGV Driver EPA now.

To book your EPA for your LGV Driver apprentices with RTITB, complete and return a simple EPAO Employer Confirmation Form. We’ll add you to our database and start planning and allocating resources, so we can offer End-Point Assessment as needed, without an unfeasibly long lead time!

Once you confirm that your apprentice has met the apprenticeship gateway requirements, you can send a preferred date for the EPA. Our EPA team will verify the confirmation and be in touch to arrange all the details for the EPA.

Free guidance on End Point Assessments

To learn more about how we can help you and what to expect during the EPA process, download our free guide to EPAs for employers, training providers and apprentices.

To discuss your End Point Assessment booking or for more information on how our team can help you, contact us on +44(0)1952 520200 or email him on epa@rtitb.co.uk.