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Get new Driver CPC training modules now on the RTITB CPC training portal!

Blogs | 28th May 2021
Driver CPC

Over the years, one of the common objections to Driver CPC that we have heard is that it is out of date or irrelevant. That’s where the RTITB Driver CPC Periodic Training Portal is different – helping businesses to deliver relevant, current topics that drivers are interested in and can see the value of (and that can improve safety, motivation, and efficiency too!).

And it just got even better, with the launch of three brand new training modules, just added to the Driver CPC Training Portal for members of the RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium.

NEW! Improving Compliance with International Transport Duties

Whether your drivers have been out of the workplace for a while and need some help readjusting to international transport duties, or Brexit is baffling your team, this module will help!

This new module helps to introduce drivers to any documentation that is relevant to international journeys and freight forwarding. It also looks into the impact of CMR (“Convention relative au contrat de transport international de marchandises par route”) and insurance within their role.

Armed with the right knowledge, drivers can be confident that they’re doing what is needed to comply and stop worrying. As all RTITB modules are kept up to date in the portal (free of charge), employers can rest assured the knowledge will be correct too.

NEW! Reducing Manual Handling Incidents

The majority of people tend to think they know exactly how to lift something, after all, it doesn’t look difficult! However, recent studies showed that 1 in 3 accidents in the workplace are a result of manual handling, causing back sprains, muscle pulls, wrist, elbow, and spinal injuries too.

This module looks at the role of good posture in manual handling (and everyday life) in order to reduce risks when it comes to lifting – something we know drivers can do a lot of!

It also looks at how to identify factors of an individual’s capabilities and carry out an initial risk assessment, as well as demonstrating the safe and effective techniques that drivers must know.

Topics include – The Spine and Human Movement, Manual Handling Capabilities, Risk Assessments, Manual Handling Techniques.

NEW! Reducing Incidents Involving Manual Handling and Pallets

According to the HSE: “Pallets are heavy, so when accidents occur, they tend to be serious. Falling pallets have caused a number of fatal accidents but the risks posed by falling pallets are often not fully appreciated. Most accidents could be prevented by developing and following safe working practices”.

This new module is there to help, as correct handling techniques are vital to reducing risk. It looks at regulations and manual handling practices, covering off several key elements of the topic above, such as correct posture, identifying capability and risk assessments.

However, it puts best practice into the specific context of handling pallets and the particular risks associated with this – something that most LGV drivers encounter frequently.

Topics include – Manual Handling and the Spine and Human Movement, Manual Handling Capabilities, Risk Assessments, Manual Handling and Pallets.

RTITB Driver CPC Consortium

RTITB is committed to helping businesses navigate the road ahead, whether that’s repercussions of Brexit, the skills shortage, or the fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic on the supply chain. That’s one of the reasons that we’re providing new modules throughout the year.

If you’re keen to offer these CPC modules as part of your Driver CPC training (whether you’re an employer, or a training provider – the RTITB online Driver CPC Periodic training portal gives you everything you need to create customised courses, maintaining high standards while saving both time and money.


Our engaging training materials are kept up to date with fresh topics, ready to cater to the real-world needs of drivers, while supporting business objectives and compliance. That’s why those offering RTITB Driver CPC training are truly different – no longer will it be a case of death by PowerPoint! In fact, you can deliver entire CPC training courses without using it once, opting instead to create fully customised courses from the likes of quizzes and videos instead.

Find a Driver CPC Training Provider

You can count on the members of the RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium to provide the highest quality training across the UK. Our network of trusted training providers can help businesses to not only reduce fuel costs, infringements, and fines, but to ensure drivers are safer, healthier, more customer focused and prepared for whatever the future holds.

Struggling to arrange training for multiple depots?

At RTITB, we can now arrange for all of an organisation’s Driver CPC Periodic Training to be delivered across the UK within one service.

Our new nationwide service will help businesses with multiple depots and transport hubs save hours spent managing training time, without compromising quality.

So don’t delay! Make your Driver CPC count today!