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How planning Instructor training in advance can benefit your business

Blogs | 19th Dec 2022

Planning LGV/HGV Instructor training or Forklift Instructor training is a big task. Operational demands, staff shortages, customer needs, and other business challenges can make it harder still. However, we recently ran a poll which showed that 95% of managers and business owners feel that planning training in advance is ‘very important’.

There are some big business benefits to getting your training plan organised.

You can prevent delays

In large organisations, there are often numerous Instructor courses to arrange. Trying to book these on an ‘as and when’ basis is time consuming. But it can also lead to disappointment.

If a training provider does not have availability, there could be delays of weeks or months. Waiting to get a candidate on a course can leave you shorthanded, and unprepared for special circumstances. Such as seasonal peaks, or staff sickness.

This can be avoided by booking places on Instructor courses in advance.  Even if you can’t anticipate all of your future Instructor training needs, some is always predictable. For example, it is easy to look at the year ahead to see if any Instructors are due to re-register their qualification. And then book training accordingly.

Budgets and resource are allocated better

Business continuity is key. Planning your lift truck, LGV/HGV and Driver CPC training in advance helps to avoid any shortfalls to the operation. It enables you to allocate the people, time, and budgets required to support your organisation’s work requirements. And, if training is planned and booked for the year ahead, you don’t have to think about it until the following year. This allows you to focus more on the operation and your team.

If you set an annual training budget, planning ahead can also help with allocating this accurately.

Risks are managed

The saying goes, ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. Careful planning allows your organisation to highlight potential future risks to the operation. There may be risks associated with training, or the lack thereof. Or training might be a solution to some of the risks identified.

Planning ahead supports this contingency planning for your operation.

You can create some certainty

There is no denying that the industry is in uncertain times. Setting a firm training plan helps to provide a sense of certainty for your business and enables you to plan (what you can) for the future.

It highlights what you need to do to achieve training goals and objectives. It also provides certainty for employees. It lets them know that career progression and development opportunities are available. And that you hope to have them as part of your team for the future. For this reason, investing in training can also help to retain employees because they feel valued.

Work efficiency can be boosted

Planning ahead helps optimise workplace efficiency. It gives a focus on key objectives and goals. It also enables a business to better plan for peaks in demand.

For example, during seasonal peaks, you can ensure you have Instructors with up-to-date training ready to deliver training. New or temporary staff can be trained quickly and efficiently, increasing efficiency of your training programme and preventing operational disruptions.

Diary and scheduling conflicts are avoided

One thing that makes it hard to book training ‘as you go’ is there are always other things in the diary. Such as holidays, meetings, and core projects. Often, training is pushed down the list for other things already in the calendar.

When you plan training in advance, it is easier to avoid conflict with these, preventing training delays. You can also plan ahead to ensure any training requirements for special projects are covered. Plus, when you fix training in the diary in advance, other new activities can then easily be planned around it.

Plan your Instructor training needs for 2023 with the RTITB Instructor Academy

We understand that training plans for large organisations are complex. Luckily that’s something we’re experts in.

When you choose to work with the RTITB Instructor Academy as your dedicated partner for Instructor and Assessor training courses, we’re there to support you in making your training plans. Every step of the way.

Advance planning will enable you to secure the courses and training dates that you need. You can be confident of a training plan for a year (or more) ahead that fits in with your operation, your business needs, and your budgets.

Start the conversation with one of our Academy training experts now to kick start your 2023 training plans – call +44 (0)1952 520214 or email academy@rtitb.com.

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