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How to bring added value to your airside operations by ‘Training-the-Trainer’

News | 12th Mar 2020

As an airside business, the safety and efficiency of your airside operation depends on the skills and attitude of your ground support personnel. 

So, how can you ensure that within your fast paced and dynamic environment, your team are the best that they can be? 

One simple way is through training your in-house trainers so that they provide specific training about the equipment and specific operation. Not only will you benefit from improved efficiency and safety, but your drivers will gain a new-found confidence. 

Ensure your instructors are the best of the best! 

It’s been estimated that damage to aircraft occurs roughly once every 1000 flights. If an aircraft is damaged on the ramp, it is approximated that it will be unavailable for 3-4 days incurring an average cost of $225,000 per aircraft. 

This contributes to the $5 billion per year that airlines spend on aircraft repair, downtime and delay costs, according to the Flight Safety Foundation. 

When the stakes are so high, it’s vital that your instructors deliver training that is standardised, effective and to the highest possible standards. 

Airside Equipment Instructor Training – how it works 

In order to be effective, training for any Ground Support Equipment (GSE) operators shouldn’t just be about the operation of the machine. It must be tailored to fit not only the operator, but the surrounding environment and typical day-to-day operations. 

There’s no point in conducting airside instructor training in a warehouse when they’ll be spending the majority of their time on the apron! That’s why at https://www.rtitb.com/ we deliver our airside ‘Train the Trainer’ courses in your airside environment, to ensure context and relevance. 

We’ll help your instructors every step of the way on their journey to their true potential, giving them a new level of confidence and the ability to deliver professional courses that improve efficiency and safety in your airside operation. 

What does the Airside Equipment Instructor course cover? 

Whether it’s novice or conversion training, the Airside Equipment Instructor course offers candidates insightful and in-depth knowledge of how people learn and how to effectively use this knowledge in the future. 

Not only will they learn about different training methods and their effectiveness with all types of learners from visual to verbal and all things in between, they’ll gain valuable people management skills to bring back to the workplace. 

Candidates’ operating abilities will be assessed to ensure that their equipment knowledge is up to scratch. A key part of their learning will cover how to carry out a simple skills analysis, along with how to plan lessons effectively, before they then have the chance to deliver a lesson to their peers for review, before examination. 

Not sure where to start? 

Our airside training services can help you find ways to plan, deliver and evaluate your ground support equipment training and ensure it adds real value to your operation. Specialist Airside Equipment Instructor Training is available to help improve your ground handling standards. 

Contact the friendly team at  https://www.rtitb.com/  for more information on +44 (0) 1952 520239.