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How to give your forklift truck training the edge with eTruck UK

Blogs | 11th Feb 2020

As a training provider, standing out from your competition is often vital for success. But how can you ensure that you gain the edge over your competitors when it comes to offering lift truck operator training?

One simple way is using eTruck, a brand-new digital storytelling tool from RTITB. Not only can it help you offer employers a higher quality of training, but it’ll make you more profitable and productive too, and can help training providers increase profits by 63%! – See an example of how much more you can achieve with this new training approach.

Lift truck operator training – how it currently works

As it currently stands, forklift and reach truck theory training is usually carried out over a 2-day period.

During these 2 days novice candidates will traditionally learn within a classroom setting from the likes of documents and PowerPoint presentations from an Instructor.

This is then followed by 3 days of practical lift truck training where candidates are able to put their theory learnings into practice.

However, with eTruck UK, candidates are able to take some of their learning into their own hands and complete their theory training at a time that is convenient to them.

Free up hours of your MHE Instructors’ time

Everyone learns at a different pace. That’s not an issue with eTruck UK as learners have the ability to not only complete the training at their discretion (but to also expand on any areas where there are uncertainties).

This digital storytelling tool takes your Instructors out of the equation when it comes to theory training meaning they’ll have more time on their hands to do what they do best – practical training.

You’ll be able to save 2 days per person, per training course, freeing up hours to deliver more practical training than ever before.

More time, more money for forklift and reach truck training providers

With all the extra time your Instructors will acquire from using eTruck UK to assist with lift truck operator training, they can invest more of their time in carrying out practical training.

As it currently stands, within a 5-day period an Instructor could for example, carry out forklift and reach truck operator training with 3 novice candidates (both theory and practical stages).

But, with the help of the new online forklift and reach truck training tool, only 3 days of Instructors’ time is needed to deliver practical training for those same novice candidates, as the theory part is already completed. This leaves Instructors with 2 days free to deliver other practical training. For instance, one forklift truck conversion course and one forklift truck operator refresher course could be completed too!

Employers get lift truck operators back – quicker!

Employers want trained operators but the thought of ‘losing’ valued employees for 5 days can initially seem daunting and result in reluctance when it comes to booking training.

eTruck UK eradicates this problem – just as you benefit by saving time per person, per training course, so do your customers.

Theory training can be carried out whenever and wherever is most convenient for the trainee and the employer, whether during work hours or employee’s own time.

If 2 days isn’t a realistic amount of time to be away from daily duties in one chunk, the time can be split across multiple days (or weeks) if needed – it’s completely up to the trainee and the employer to work out a schedule that is effective and achievable.

Engaging training that will be remembered

If forklift and reach truck operator trainees aren’t engaged with training, chances are important information won’t have been taken in. Employers won’t see any benefit – not only will they effectively lose an employee for 5 days, but trainees won’t have actually learnt anything!

eTruck UK changes this. Thanks to the unique digital storytelling platform, candidates find the training more enjoyable and engaging. This means that they come back to the workplace with newfound skills and knowledge that they’ll actually remember and put to use!

Get in touch today to find out more about how RTITB can help you transform your forklift and reach truck operator training with eTruck self-paced learning, or request a demo now.