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How to tackle disruptions, delays, and fines with new RTITB Driver Compliance eLearning

Blogs | 28th Jun 2023
Driver Compliance

Road transport operations require meticulous planning. Timings are crucial for keeping operations on schedule, and for meeting customer expectations. Transport, haulage and logistics operators must do what they can to avoid disruption to these plans. One way to do this is to reduce the likelihood of roadside inspections or incidents that result in delays. And this starts with ensuring that drivers have the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the roads correctly, every day.

To make this easier for transport, haulier, and logistics businesses, RTITB has launched a new Driver Compliance eLearning platform. Here are 6 ways it can benefit organisations.

  1. Minimise the risks of penalties and delays

Drivers’ Hours and Speeding are two of the most commonly delivered topics in Driver CPC Periodic Training. Yet these areas continue to cause issues for transport businesses.

For example

  • 5% of drivers are still committing Drivers’ Hours Infringements
  • On 30mph roads, 42% of rigid LGVs/HGVs, and 46% of articulated LGVs/HGVs exceed the speed limit
  • 17% of road accidents are caused by drivers/riders being in a hurry or reckless

With the new Driver Compliance eLearning, businesses can revisit these key safety issues easily. This improves driver knowledge and reduces the risk of incidents. In turn helping to avoid delays and costly fines.

  1. Improve customer service

Every delayed delivery can be damaging to the customer relationship. Better driver knowledge and skills can lead to fewer incidents and fewer delays. This can give your business the confidence that deliveries will be made on time, helping keep your customers happy. RTITB Driver Compliance eLearning is a simple way to get drivers’ knowledge up to speed. And improve customer service in the process.

  1. Cut down costs

The RTITB Driver Compliance eLearning platform helps promote safe driving practices. This reduces the likelihood of accidents. As well as preventing delays, avoiding accidents also enables your business to significantly reduce costs. Fleet maintenance costs are lower and insurance premiums are driven down.

  1. Enhance your reputation

Excellent drivers reflect well on your business. They show you are a reliable and responsible logistics provider. This makes investing in RTITB Driver Compliance eLearning a worthwhile exercise.

It can also impress the relevant regulatory bodies. Better driver compliance has a positive impact on your Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS). This shows you and your drivers follow the rules on both roadworthiness and traffic.

  1. Ensure continuous progress

Sometimes you’ll identify areas for improvement among drivers. The RTITB Driver Compliance eLearning enables focused training interventions to be delivered efficiently and simply. It addresses any gaps in driver compliance. This helps drivers to develop their skills and knowledge. And helps your business go from strength to strength.

  1. Meet the training needs of drivers

The way people learn is changing. Research suggests that only 58% of what is learned in a traditional training session is retained 30 minutes after the course ends. The RTITB Driver Compliance eLearning delivers ‘bitesize’ training (each topic lasts less than 10 minutes). The program is highly flexible, short, and focused, which can help improve knowledge retention rates by 50%. It can also make learners more engaged in training. This leads to a bigger impact on driver compliance and road safety.

Take action today

If you’re ready to prevent roadside disruptions, make a positive impression on regulatory bodies, and improve your customer service, get started with RTITB Driver Compliance eLearning today. Arrange a meeting with our team by contacting solutions@rtitb.com or calling +44 (0) 1952 520200.