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HSE Fines Increased: Time to Step Up Your Compliance

Blogs | 14th Feb 2018
HSE Fines Increased: Time to Step Up Your Compliance

Have you seen the recently released Health & Safety Executive (HSE) summary statistics for 2016/2017? If not, you can find the full report here. According to this report, the value of fines to employers resulting from HSE prosecutions issued has almost doubled compared to last year, let’s take a look at this in more detail….

In 2016/2017, £69.9million worth of fines were issued as a result of convictions from cases brought by the HSE, compared to £38.3million the previous year. These statistics lead to two very important considerations for employers:

1. Fines are harsher than ever

Under new sentencing guidelines, the severity of fines in the event that the HSE finds an employer is negligent or lacking in compliance is now related to the turnover of the business in question. As a result, bigger companies are receiving steeper fines than ever before. It is therefore more important than ever to demonstrate compliance in the event of an incident, particularly for larger organisations.

2. Too many workplace injuries are occurring

The 2016/17 statistics were the first for some time to report that there were slightly fewer HSE prosecutions brought against employers. However, there were still plenty – 554 cases and 11,913 notices were issued. This shows that despite the ongoing education from the HSE, and the threat of greater fines, too many serious injuries are still happening in the workplace, many of which are preventable.

Workplace transport training can help protect your business.

With injury numbers in the Transport & Storage sector still notably higher than the all industries rate (2,580 per 100,000 compared to the all industries rate of 1,860), more employers need to commit to delivering appropriate training to improve safety, particularly for those using materials handling equipment, or driving a vehicle. Regular, robust reviews of workplace systems and processes, as well as conducting audits of a company’s training needs, are vital to ensuring safety.

RTITB LGV Instructor training, LGV Driver training, Driver CPC Periodic Training and training for instructors and operators using forklift trucks, and other materials handling equipment provide employees with the skills and knowledge needed for safe operation. Moreover, delivering the correct, accredited workplace transport training from RTITB can help organisations to reduce the risk of injuries, and ensure they are compliant in the event that an accident occurs.

For advice on delivering the right training to protect your people, and your business, talk to the experts at RTITB by calling +44 (0)1952 520207. Alternatively download our handy free guide on Making the Right Choice. 

Read the full HSE 2016/17 Summary Statistics here.