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Keep the supply chain going with RTITB online forklift truck training

Blogs | 16th Apr 2020

During the current coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, forklift truck operators on the front line of the supply chain are working tirelessly to keep the country moving. But busy schedules, reduced manpower and social distancing are making it harder for operators to access the lift truck training that they need.

RTITB has a lift truck e-learning solution that can help.

eTruck from RTITB – remote forklift and reach truck training

eTruck UK is a unique online training tool, where candidates learn by following a story that tackles real issues relating to safety. Forklift and reach truck operators can access this training remotely at any time, wherever and whenever they need to, using a computer or tablet.

Not only does this online forklift training solution increase training effectiveness, but for new counterbalance lift truck operators, it also reduces training time by as much as 2 days per course, per person.

In order to help the warehouse, manufacturing and logistics industries deliver a high standard of training during this challenging time, throughout April and May, lifetime eTruck licences will be available from RTITB accredited partners for a reduced price with savings of up to 30%.

Online forklift refresher training

Many lift truck operators are currently due to attend refresher training but cannot do so due to reasons associated with coronavirus.  Although the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) has clarified in a recent statement that it may be reasonable and practicable for companies to extend the validity of operator certificates by up to three months in these circumstances, ensuring lift truck drivers are operating safely remains vitally important for employers (as well as being a legal duty).

If your operators need reach or counterbalance refresher training, our eTruck UK digital learning platform can help, with a totally online training solution that can be used anywhere.  What’s more, we can offer official extensions on NORS registrations for 12 months where refresher training has been conducted using eTruck.

Get operators to work quicker than ever before

While pressure is at an all-time high on warehouses and manufacturing and logistics operations and time is at a premium, eTruck can be used to help train new counterbalance operators in the fastest possible time.

As operators complete the theory part of novice counterbalance lift truck training online at their own pace before practical training takes place, you can save two days per candidate, per training course, helping to keep operations running.

As eTruck enables operators to complete lift truck training completely online, even employees that are on furlough or working from home due to self-isolation can complete theory training, ready to attend practical training as soon as they’re able.

Let us help you today

Despite the current demands on the transport, manufacturing and logistics sectors, safety must remain the highest priority and lift truck training best practices should not be compromised. Keep your operations safe and compliant with eTruck UK.

eTruck training licenses are available only from RTITB accredited partners. Find a training provider now.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can work together or call our friendly team of e-learning experts on +44(0)1952 520231.