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LGV Driver Apprenticeship Standard & Assessment is Changing

Blogs | 30th Jun 2021
LGV Driver Apprenticeship

If you have an LGV Driver Apprentice in your team, or are planning to bring one on board, you need to know that the apprenticeship standard and End-Point Assessment (EPA) are changing. Our expert EPA team has summarised the main changes you should be aware of.

Changes to the LGV Driver Apprenticeship Standard

The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education and the LGV Trailblazer Group have confirmed that the revised version of the Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) Driver Version 1.1 (ST0257) Level 2 will require competence up to the Category C+E licence level, with a typical apprenticeship duration of 13 months, instead of 12.

It is not confirmed exactly when in 2021 this will take effect, as this is dependent on the approval of the related End-Point Assessment plan and the re-assessment of its funding band by IFATE.

New LGV Driver End-Point Assessment Plan

The new EPA plan for this apprenticeship standard will add a third element to the assessment, in the form of an interview. This will be in addition to the current assessment elements of a knowledge test, and a practical driving assessment.

The new interview element will last 30 minutes and consist of the End-Point Assessor asking a series of set questions to assess competence against the KSBs (Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours), particularly those that would be difficult to see otherwise. The assessor will record the KSBs met and the apprentice’s answers to questions.

Independent assessors must use the question bank as a source for their interview questions but can tailor these accordingly and add their own questions where appropriate.

What about current Apprentices?

These changes will only apply to apprentices who are enrolled after the new Standard and EPA plan come into force. Apprentices already enrolled will be assessed against the current standard, for example requiring only a Cat C licence, and using the current End-point Assessment Plan.

Why has the LGV Driver apprentice assessment changed?

There are two main reasons why this new interview assessment element has been introduced. Firstly, apprentices can be more effectively assessed against KSBs that would take too long to observe or are difficult to assess in the practical test. Secondly, it allows for better testing of responses to questions that are too complex for a multiple-choice test.

Will it increase the cost of EPA?

For the employer or training provider, the change to the assessment does not affect the cost of the EPA – the only additional resource is the venue. The interview location should be a quiet room, enabling a 1:1 assessment with no distractions or influence. It can take place in an employer’s premises or another suitable venue selected by the EPAO.

Video conferencing can be used to conduct the Interview, but the EPAO must have processes in place to verify the identity of the apprentice and ensure the apprentice is not being aided.

RTITB End-Point Assessment for LGV Drivers

LGV Driver Apprenticeship

The RTITB EPA team are experts in assessment and dedicated to ensuring that apprentices get the high quality, up to date assessments that they deserve. We understand that every operation and industry is different, so, if required, our assessments can be tailored to you.

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Want to know more?

Whether you have questions about the Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) Driver Version 1.1 (ST0257) Level 2 standard changes, want to know why our End-Point Assessments are different, or simply want to get your EPAs booked in now, get in touch with our expert EPA team or call us on +44 (0) 1952 520 200.

LGV Driver Apprenticeship Standard & Assessment is changing

The new updated qualification is now live, and this page should now be deleted and replaced by the new LGV Driver Apprenticeship Standard & Assessment guidelines. This has yet to be written.