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LGV Fleet Instructor course – new for 2018!

Blogs | 26th Jun 2018
LGV Fleet Instructor course – new for 2018!

Safety and compliance is vital throughout any logistics or transport operation, which is why we have launched a brand-new LGV Fleet Instructor training course.

Our RTITB Instructor Academy training experts have developed the course to give your on-site fleet trainers the tools they need to keep your drivers safe and compliant, plus the flexibility to deliver training that meets the particular needs of your drivers, and your day-to-day business.

Why train LGV Fleet Instructors?

LGV training should never stop at license acquisition. Further instruction of professional LGV drivers is essential to ensure that the skills that they learned before they took their test stay up to scratch, and complacency and bad habits don’t creep in.

With a trained LGV Fleet Instructor, businesses can benefit from having a qualified employee with the skills, knowledge and experience to assess, mentor and instruct experienced LGV drivers. This helps employers to reduce risks to their business, and their wider workplace transport environment, while keeping costs under control.

This bespoke LGV Fleet Instructor course from the RTITB Instructor Academy is different, because instead of teaching novice drivers, it focuses on training and instruction of qualified LGV drivers to maintain the high standards needed by today’s logistics employers.

Learn classroom training skills

Through learning about training best practice, such as lesson planning and instructional techniques, LGV Fleet Instructors will finish the course capable of planning, preparing, rehearsing and delivering in-class lessons.

Instructors can use the confidence, skills and knowledge acquired on this course to deliver classroom-based sessions such as Toolbox Talks, or sessions to meet Driver CPC training requirements.

Mentor qualified LGV drivers

Following the training, qualified LGV Fleet Instructors will be able to support businesses in educating LGV drivers in the expected professional standards. Moreover, they will be trained to use ongoing assessment and mentoring to ensure that these standards are maintained.

Conduct driving assessments

The new training course will equip each LGV Fleet Instructor with the ability to conduct LGV driver assessments, as well as ensuring that they can produce factual, informative reports that your HR and operations can use to inform training, and business decisions.  Reports can highlight areas of concern, opportunities for improvement, or record good practice.

Safe and Economic Driver Training

Leading by example is key for training success, so LGV Fleet Instructors will also learn core LGV driving skills such as route planning and safe and economic driving techniques.  By the end of the course, trainees will be able to drive a set route, focusing on a safe and efficient driving style, while providing a commentary.

Importantly, trained Instructors will also have the skills to assist other professional LGV drivers in achieving safe and efficient driving practices in the long term.

This is just a small taste of the course content available.  We can work with you to ensure that your LGV Fleet Instructors are trained to meet the needs of your specific transport operations.

Just like our LGV Instructor and Driver CPC Instructor training, the RTITB Instructor Academy can deliver the LGV Fleet Instructor course at our dedicated train-the-trainer centre in the West Midlands, UK.

Or if its more convenient, our knowledgeable and experienced trainers are happy to deliver the new course at your own site, anywhere in the world!

To find out more about how training your on-site LGV Fleet Instructors could add value to your organisation, call the friendly team at the RTITB Instructor Academy on +44 (0) 1952 520214, email academy@rtitb.co.uk or click here.