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MyRTITB TrainingFriend App Launching 23rd April

News | 13th Apr 2018

We’re excited to announce that the official launch of our new app, MyRTITB TrainingFriend, will be Monday 23rd April 2018.

The first training application for Android tablets to be released from an accrediting body, MyRTITB TrainingFriend will revolutionise the future of materials handling equipment training, with a solution which makes training 100% paperless, saving Instructors time and their employers’ money.

Designed especially for RTITB accredited organisations, MyRTITB TrainingFriend provides users with flexibility, with the capability to work both on and offline, with Instructor to candidate tablet communication. The need to print paperwork including test papers, records of training, registration forms or any other form of paper documentation is removed, reducing administrative and printing costs. The app captures and stores everything electronically on the app, providing peace of mind that all data is in one place.

Human errors which cause a halt on the processing of course data are reduced through pre-populated data, improving course input accuracy. With the simple tap of the tablet, Instructors can send training information to the NORs extranet, saving businesses time and money. With GDPR coming into force in May this year, it’s more important than ever that training providers are compliant. All required fields for documentation and data are included, including candidate details, health declarations, GDPR data consent and candidate signatures. Instructors can also obtain course evidence easily, such as candidate photographs, using the tablet’s built-in camera.

Interested in learning more about MyRTITB TrainingFriend? Visit the official app page here or to discuss your needs for accreditation, call our Solutions team on 01952 520207.