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Online forklift truck training and the e-learning generation of MHE operators

Blogs | 28th Apr 2020

We have had loads of questions about e-learning and online forklift truck training courses over the last few weeks, but what is the reality of remote training on MHE?

Lift truck operator training – how it currently works

For decades, forklift theory training has been carried out on the first day of a novice operator course.

During the first two days of a course novice candidates will traditionally spend a lot of time in a classroom setting learning from the likes of documents, model trucks and PowerPoint presentations from a trained forklift Instructor.

This is then followed by practical lift truck training where candidates put their knowledge into practice.

So where do online forklift training courses or e-learning fit?

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, RTITB had already launched eTruck UK which enables the theory and knowledge parts of the forklift and reach truck training course to be conducted online, on a computer or tablet, in a trainee’s own time and space.

Practical lift truck training still needs to be completed for a novice operator.

eTruck UK is an online forklift and reach truck training course, but it is far more than what most might consider “e-learning”. It is a digital storytelling tool that enables candidates to learn by following a story that tackles real issues relating to safety and uses proven methods to help learners better retain information.

At the time of launch, we said that businesses will be able to save two days per person, per training course. That is still true, but now it offers more than just time-saving – it helps overcome the challenge of social distancing during training. It also enables businesses to train their employees at a time that suits everyone, so they don’t lose them from their critical operations.

With the help of the new online forklift training tool, only three days of Instructors’ time is needed to deliver practical training for novice candidates, as the theory part and knowledge that would be traditionally introduced as part of the practical element is already completed. At the moment, it is possible to carry out practical training once a risk assessment has been carried out and where it is deemed safe to do so.

Employers get lift truck operators back – quicker!

With eTruck, forklift and reach truck theory training can be carried out whenever and wherever is most convenient for the trainee and the employer, whether during work hours or in an employee’s own time.

If it isn’t realistic for operators to be away from daily duties, time spent completing theory training can be split across multiple days (or weeks) if needed – it’s completely up to the trainee and the employer to work out a schedule that is effective and achievable.

Engaging online forklift training that will be remembered

Thanks to the unique digital storytelling platform, candidates also find the forklift and reach truck training with eTruck more enjoyable and engaging. This means that they come back to the workplace with newfound skills and knowledge that they’ll actually remember and put to use!

Online refresher forklift training

Topping up a lift truck operator’s knowledge through our eTruck remote learning solution can also help support safety until formal refresher training can be delivered later. In fact, in response to the current pressures faced in the logistics and manufacturing industries, counterbalance and reach operators who complete eTruck training will now be able to extend their RTITB forklift refresher period by one year (until further notice).

eTruck licenses, which are available only from RTITB accredited organisations, are valid for life, enabling operators to return to a library of information whenever they wish to refresh their knowledge.

Get in touch today to find out more about how RTITB can help you transform your forklift operator training with eTruck self-paced learning or request a demo now.

We will shortly be making online solutions available for online training on MEWPs, pallet trucks and may more types of equipment to further support logistics operations. Contact us to find out more.