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Why pallet and stacker truck training is set to improve with new standard

Blogs | 4th Mar 2020

A new test has been introduced which will assess the skills of operators training on pallet and stacker trucks. But, what do instructors and training providers need to know about the changes?

The new standardised assessment will apply to those on training courses for low level pedestrian operated pallet trucks, pallet stackers, stacking counterbalance trucks and stacking reach trucks and will be recognised by all main awarding bodies, including RTITB.

The new test has been developed over an 18-month period by the Accrediting Bodies Association for Workplace Transport (ABA) in consultation with sector experts, including the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), manufacturers, training providers, operators and unions.

At RTITB, the leading accrediting body for materials handling equipment training, we believe that standardised training and testing is an integral part of maintaining safety in logistics and transport operations.

What is the new pallet and stacker test?

The new testing standards are fairly similar to those that are already in place for other materials handling equipment, and will ensure that an operator’s journey into the world of logistics will be a safe and efficient one.

Operators can demonstrate their skills and knowledge

The assessment is made up of both theory and practical tests.

The practical element will cover safe manoeuvring of a laden truck in confined areas and stacking safely at challenging heights (dependent on truck type).

Candidates must be able to demonstrate their understanding of the workings of the truck by accurately identifying and inspecting safety critical components unique to pedestrian operated trucks, such as the tiller arm, repel pads, fork sleeves, fold down platforms and steering systems, and ensuring they are safe before operation.

In order to pass the test, operators must demonstrate good practice and avoid repeatedly committing serious faults.

Upon successful completion, both employers and the operators themselves will be reassured that their skills are on par with the best operators in the world!

Find out more about the test

To learn more about the new test, employers and Instructors may contact RTITB by emailing solutions@rtitb.com or calling +44(0)1952 520200.

For more information on electric pallet and stacker truck operator and instructor training, visit www.rtitb.com

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