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4 Reasons to Plan your End Point Assessments with RTITB

Blogs | 4th Dec 2019
4 Reasons to Plan your End Point Assessments with RTITB

An End Point Assessment (EPA) is the final, critical stage that your transport and logistics apprentices need to pass in order to complete their apprenticeship course.

Although this almost always happens at the end of a 12-month period of training and learning, we often hear from employers who have left it until the last minute to try and get their EPA’s booked in.

Here are 4 reasons why you should plan your apprentices’ EPAs in advance.

1. Give your apprentices something to work towards

After a year of learning on the job, the day of an apprentice’s EPA is a big day! It marks not only the end of their apprenticeship, but also taking the next step of their career within your company. Having a day set for the EPA in advance gives apprentice’s a clear goal to work towards, providing focus and motivation in the final stages of their training.

2. You’ll avoid seasonal challenges

By the time their EPA comes around, its likely that your apprentice is a vital part of your day to day operations. This makes taking them out of the workplace for an assessment tricky to manage at any time of the year, but particularly so during seasonal peaks.

For example, the availability of Supply Chain Warehouse Operatives (ST0259) Level 2 and Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) Driver C+E (ST0257) Level 2 will be especially important during busier periods of the year, such as the run up to Christmas, Black Friday, Bank Holidays or the summer season.

By planning your EPAs well in advance, you can either try to avoid assessments during peak times, or ensure any extra resource needed is allocated in good time.

3. Disruption is minimised

It’s not just peak times that can cause operational disruption. When it comes to arranging an End Point Assessment, various other factors have to be considered. For example, will suitable vehicles be available to conduct the assessment? When are members of the team on annual leave?

RTITB is an End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) for several logistics apprenticeship standards, including LGV Driver, Supply Chain Warehouse Operatives (ST0259) Level 2, Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) Driver C+E (ST0257) Level 2, and Express Delivery Operatives (ST0103) Level 2, with a team of in-house Assessors that are experienced in working with employers to correctly plan and prepare for EPAs.

For instance, our RTITB End Point Assessors work closely with employers and training providers to ensure that they have the right assessment environment for the EPA, including ensuring that the correct vehicles are available on the day.

4. Deliver the best quality End Point Assessment

After all their efforts, you’ll want to ensure that you give your apprentices the EPA that they deserve. Failure to book an EPA with the right organisation could result in an assessment that doesn’t allow apprentices to prove their knowledge and skills to the best of their ability.

Planning and booking an EPA with RTITB in plenty of time allows us to ensure that we can allocate the most appropriate Assessor for your apprentice. What’s more, it helps us to manage our costs efficiently – a saving that is passed on to you, the employer.

Logistics End Point Assessments, no matter the operation

Whether your operations include manual handling within a warehouse or manoeuvring bikes, vans or trucks, the experienced team of RTITB EPA Assessors are ready to deliver the End Point Assessment (EPA) that you require, to suit your availability. This includes the newly launched Express Delivery Operative (ST0103) Level 2 EPA.

Avoid potential scheduling issues and book your EPA with RTITB now to make sure you get the most out of the End Point Assessment. Get in touch today on +44(0)1952 520200 or email epa@rtitb.com.