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RTITB Driver CPC Solution Aids Alan Firmin Skills Hub

News | 25th Jul 2017

RTITB is proud to be partnered with Alan Firmin Ltd, Kent’s leading provider of road transport and haulage throughout Kent. Alan Firmin Ltd also specialises in palletised transport across the South-East, UK and Europe.

Alan Firmin Ltd were looking to launch a new Skills Hub for transport and logistics, delivering a range of specific transport and logistics course, with a key emphasis on Driver CPC for companies based in Kent and the South East. The company were also looking for an offering which would provide them with a Driver CPC Periodic Training solution for their own LGV drivers.

By partnering with RTITB, Alan Firmin Ltd were able to join our strong network of existing Master Driver CPC Consortium members, reaping the many benefits of being a part of the UK’s largest consortium for Periodic Training.

Alan Firmin Ltd were able to benefit from the knowledge, experience and support of our members currently delivering Periodic Training from our training suite, which includes a wide range of innovative delivery methods which remove the ‘death by PowerPoint’ method which often fills drivers with dread. Quizzes, case studies, workshops and practical sessions allow Alan Firmin Ltd to mix up their training sessions – for both internal and external candidates – making training engaging and relevant to the demands of today’s drivers.

On choosing to work with RTITB, Lindsey Clarke, Head of HR and Communications at Alan Firmin Ltd, said: “We decided to launch the Skills Hub in response to the needs of the sector, in terms of upskilling and occupational development, and to futureproof the staffing requirements for the logistics and haulage sector. We chose to work with RTITB so that we can offer the best quality training – quality and reliability are essential for Alan Firmin whether it’s internal or external training that we’re delivering.”

She continued: “Working with RTITB means we can work with just one supplier to meet our own training needs as well as the needs of the Skills Hub. RTITB is well known within the sector and has a good reputation along with the right type of training courses which will help us bring driver training into the modern age and ensure we can differentiate what we offer.”

RTITB’s Driver CPC solution also provides Alan Firmin Ltd with the flexibility to deliver training at times that suit their business by utilising in-house Instructors who were trained to Driver CPC Instructor level at the RTITB Instructor Academy. The progress and performance of the organisation’s training team can then be monitored by the management team at Alan Firmin Ltd online, 365 days a year in order to analyse performance, costs and overall driver results.

Looking to the future, Alan Firmin Ltd will have the opportunity to expand the range of training courses available to their internal and external candidates for both LGV and materials handling driver training. They are also in the position to help support the priorities of the Local Enterprise Partnership in the South East, developing skills in the transport and logistics sector, whilst helping to build on the future success of the sector as a whole.


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