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Safeguarding Policy (October 2021)

Safeguarding Policy



RTITB is committed to doing all it can to protect vulnerable people (for the purpose of this policy defined as children, young people and vulnerable adults) from abuse, neglect and significant harm. RTITB recognises its responsibility to safeguard the welfare of vulnerable people who we may encounter in our training, auditing and assessment environments and those who encounter our organisation. This policy applies to anyone working on behalf of RTITB, including managers, the board of directors, paid employees, contractors, and agency staff.


The purpose of this policy is to provide the RTITB workforce with guidance on actions they should take if they suspect a vulnerable person is at risk of abuse, neglect or significant harm. The policy also provides guidance on the steps that should be taken in the event a member of the RTITB workforce has suspicions regarding the contact of another member of the RTITB workforce engaged on RTITB business with a vulnerable person.


  • The Managing Director is accountable for the review maintenance of this policy
  • The Operations Director is responsible for the implementation of this policy and for ensuring this policy is communicated effectively to all members of the RTITB workforce
  • The RTITB workforce is responsible for raising concerns with the relevant safeguarding agencies when appropriate.


Child/young person – anyone not yet aged 18 years.

Vulnerable Adult – A vulnerable adult is defined by the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 as a person who is 18 years or over and who may be in need of community care services for reasons of mental or other disability, age or illness. It is a person who is unable to take care of themselves or to protect themselves from significant harm or serious exploitation.

Training and Awareness

RTITB will ensure an appropriate level of safeguarding training is always available to its workforce. Members of the RTITB workforce who may encounter vulnerable people in the course of their work will complete annual safeguarding training.

Information for Users of RTITB services

RTITB publish this policy at and will ensure all users of RTITB services (EPA, Audits, Exams, etc.) are advised how to access this Safeguarding Policy when using our services. Users of RTITB services can expect that they will be treated sensitively and with dignity should a safeguarding concern occur, or an allegation of abuse be made. RTITB requires its workforce to treat such matters confidentially and to commit to only sharing such information for the purposes of safeguarding and in line with relevant legislation.

All members of the RTITB workforce who may encounter vulnerable people in the course of their work are subject to DBS checks.

Concerns about RTITB employees/contractors

Those employees or contractors who have suspicions about the contact of another employee or contractor with a vulnerable person on RTITB business should contact the Managing Director at their earliest opportunity; so that any potential risks can be minimized through immediate action, and so that a full investigation of the accusations can take place.

Reporting Concerns

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This procedure must be reviewed no later than end of November 2022.