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Should you develop your own forklift e-learning course?

Blogs | 20th May 2020
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At the moment, interest in, and demand for, online training for forklift operators continues to grow. Many businesses that deliver lift truck operator training, either to employees inhouse or as a training provider, are currently looking at their options for forklift e-learning and considering whether they should develop their own online training courses.

So, should you create your own online lift truck training course? The answer is, it depends on your business and in particular the resources you have available. There are pros and cons to this approach.

Develop your own lift truck elearning.

One big advantage of creating your own online lift truck training solution is that you will have complete control over the content. This means that it can be tailored to the exact requirements of forklift drivers in your operation, be branded to your business, and include your specific company values and processes. An off-the-shelf solution is unlikely to be this customisable.

Also, with your own solution, once you have invested in developing the elearning, there is no cost per head. No matter how many forklift operators you train via elearning, there will be nothing extra to pay. Conversely, most existing lift truck elearning solutions will charge a cost-per-head, which can add up in businesses with very large numbers of employees.

That said, overall, we have found that it is more costly for companies to develop their own comprehensive e-learning solutions. Overcoming this cost barrier was one of the major reasons why RTITB launched the award-winning eTruck UK digital training for forklift and reach truck operators. However, it’s not its only advantage.

Why choose off-the-shelf lift truck elearning?

Creating your own online forklift operator training solution is time consuming to do, and equally time and labour intensive when it comes to managing and maintaining the content to ensure it is up to date. The difference with eTruck is that your operator elearning is available instantly with accurate content and a proven approach to impactful training.

Experts have developed the content and continue to update and maintain it (including the technical aspects) so that you don’t need to have this skillset inhouse. The high-quality training content has also been optimised so that operators can undertake elearning on a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer on any operating system.

eTruck is a secure, GDPR compliant solution that also offers your organisation control where you need it. Instructors can track candidates progress through the intuitive dashboard, from which you can conduct all necessary administration.

This area also gives valuable insights into learners strengths and weaknesses that can help Instructors to intervene and support candidates during theory training as well as understand candidates better when the time comes for the practical training element.

More about eTruck forklift and reach truck training online.

eTruck UK is a completely unique digital storytelling platform providing elearning for forklift and reach truck operators. It is ideal for novice operators to complete the theory element of their training or is currently a good solution for forklift operators requiring online refresher training.

Learn more about the benefits.

Elearning options for MHE refresher training.

It’s not only forklift operators that can benefit from off-the-shelf elearning solutions. A wide range of MHE operator online refresher training options are available from RTITB Accredited Partners. These online knowledge top ups cover various types of warehouse, materials handling and plant equipment and due to current circumstances, enable operators to extend their refresher period by up to one year.

Find out more and get started.

Free forklift elearning webinar.

We recently hosted a free webinar all about getting started with forklift operator elearning. Don’t worry if you missed it. You can view the webinar online here for free.

And if you have any other questions, contact our expert team now to discuss your lift truck operator elearning requirements.