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Transport Compliance Ltd Joins RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium

News | 26th Sep 2018

In order to provide Periodic Training to professional goods drivers to the highest standard, Transport Compliance Ltd has joined the RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium.

By being a member of the Master Driver CPC Consortium – the UK’s largest consortium for Driver CPC Periodic Training – Transport Compliance Ltd will play a critical role in protecting the safety of all who travel on the road. Since the 2008 Driver CPC establishment, it has been compulsory for professional heavy goods vehicle and passenger carrying vehicle drivers to undertake regular professional development training as part of a series of measures introduced across Europe to improve safety on all member states’ roads.

With the industry continuing to face driver and skills shortages, it has never been more important for training providers and employers to get on board with ensuring drivers are trained to keep them safe and compliant on the road, something which we work towards as a consortium lead and pass on to our consortium members.

Laura Nelson, Managing Director of RTITB said: “We are delighted to welcome Transport Compliance Ltd to our consortium. They have shown true dedication and commitment to driver safety and awareness on our roads, we look forward to working with them closely now and into the future.

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