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Using a Mobile Phone while Driving – the Law is Changing

Blogs | 11th Mar 2022
Mobile Phone while Driving

New stricter laws will come into place on 25th March 2022 that make it illegal to use a hand-held mobile phone while driving, under any circumstances.  We’ve summarised below the key changes that LGV / HGV and PCV drivers, their employers, and trainers need to be aware of.

Drivers will be aware that it is already illegal to use a mobile phone to send text messages or make/receive calls while driving (except in an exceptional emergency).

The new law that will be introduced will also ban using a hand-held mobile phone while driving to:

  • Take / view photos and videos
  • Access / navigate music playlists, or change radio station
  • Play games
  • Use social media

What is the penalty for using a mobile phone while driving?

Any driver caught using a hand-held mobile or device while driving will face a £200 fixed penalty notice, as well as six points on their driving license.

Ways to avoid using a mobile phone while driving

Using a hand-held phone while driving is illegal because it is a clear risk to safety, for drivers, other road users, and those around them.  All too often, the consequences of high-risk driving, which includes using a hand-held phone while at the wheel, can be fatal.

To avoid using a hand-held phone while driving, drivers can still continue to go ‘hands-free’, using a cradle. This enables smart phone users to benefit from sat-nav, for example. However, drivers can still be charged by the police if they are found not to be in proper control of their vehicle when using a hands-free device.

Drivers who may be tempted to use a hand-held phone should also consider removing their phone from the cab while they are on the move. Or failing that, stowing it out of sight while driving.

Improve Driver Behaviour with Driver CPC Training

Using a mobile phone while driving is an example of risk-taking behaviour, the same way as speeding, drink/drug driving, or harsh braking are. To improve safety on the roads, it’s important to tackle this behaviour and for drivers to understand which things might have an effect on their ability to drive safely.

Upcoming Driver CPC Periodic Training is a great opportunity to ensure drivers are fully aware of the impending rule changes around phone usage.

Members of the RTITB Driver CPC Consortium have access to two modules for Driver CPC Periodic Training that may be particularly helpful in addressing attitudes to mobile phone use, or other risky driving behaviours.

Managing Driver Behaviour to Reduce Incidents

This training module focuses on four topics:

  • Risk-taking driving behaviour
  • The effects of anger on driving
  • In-cab distractions
  • Speeding

Understanding Influences on Driver Behaviour to Reduce Incidents

The four important subjects covered in this module are:

  • External Driving Distractions
  • Optical Behaviour
  • Speeding
  • The Effects of Road Predictability

The online Driver CPC Instructor’s Portal has everything trainers need to deliver these training modules effectively to positively affect driver behaviour.

To access the materials for Driver CPC for PCV or LGV/HGV drivers, become a member of the RTITB Driver CPC Consortium today, or request a free 30-day demo of the training materials.

You can also contact our team now with any questions.