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Which Lift Truck Course – Instructor or Assessor, is Best for my Business?

Blogs | 12th Jun 2019
Which Lift Truck Course – Instructor or Assessor

Every transport, warehousing and logistics operation is different. That’s why at the RTITB Instructor Academy we offer a choice of courses to help you manage your particular lift truck training needs.

Lift truck Instructor and Lift Truck Assessor Training

Investing in lift truck instructor or lift truck assessor training for members of your team offers a number of benefits.  Your instructors and assessors will be based on site, giving them an excellent understanding of your day-to-day operations and ensuring that the training delivered takes into account your workplace’s particular processes and tasks.  This helps to maintain safety standards and reinforce your company culture.

But which lift truck course will be best for your business?

Lift Truck Instructor Course

This is one of our most popular courses, evidenced by the fact it was completed by hundreds of candidates in 2018!

The RTITB Lift Truck Instructor course covers health and safety, regulations and instructional techniques to ensure that your instructors are able to support compliance and improve operational safety. To make sure those that successfully complete the course have the skills necessary to prepare operators for a real world work environment, the training teaches the principles of instruction alongside how to plan and deliver both theory and practical lessons.  Importantly, they are also taught how to effectively construct, deliver and mark lift truck operator examinations (Basic Operating Skills Test).

Lift Truck Instructor training options

The course is available at Novice, Conversion and Refresher level, so you can access the training that best suits the experience of your staff members.  Although Novice training takes 10 days to complete, very experienced existing instructors could complete their training in as little as 3 days, minimising disruption to your operation.

Independent Lift Truck Instructor examination

Whatever level course you choose, to become a qualified Lift Truck Instructor candidates will need to successfully complete an impartial examination. Not only does this include a theory paper and cover the candidate’s delivery of practical instruction, but to become an instructor they must also demonstrate that they can operate a lift truck to an exceptional standard while understanding the risks associated with incorrect and unsafe practices.

With an RTITB Instructor Academy course you can rest assured that your Lift Truck Instructor has been taught to the highest standards for optimal safety.

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Lift Truck Assessor Training

If required, a Lift Truck Instructor is able to carry out assessments to provide Authorisation to Operate or review a lift truck operator’s skill level.  However, if you only want to assess skills and your business does not need to deliver in-house training, then this may be an unnecessary investment of both money and time.  Instead, the Lift Truck Assessor course from the RTITB Instructor Academy will better suit your operation’s needs.

What can a Lift Truck Assessor do?

The Lift Truck Assessor course covers relevant regulations, health and safety, assessment procedures and how to assess all key elements of MHE operation, including pre-use inspection, practical driving and associated knowledge. Candidates are also trained on the correct use of operator test marking sheets and report writing to support training and compliance procedures and can highlight where further training is needed.

While a qualified Lift Truck Operator Assessor cannot deliver training, they are able to conduct pre-employment assessment, return to work after absence assessment, ongoing periodic assessment (between refresher training), post-incident assessment and post-near miss assessment and create appropriate, compliant records of all assessments that have taken place.

Cost savings

Employers can train a Lift Truck Assessor at novice level in half the time of an Instructor and for a lower cost.  The RTITB Instructor Academy offers a course for up to 4 people which can be completed in just 5 days, making the best use of training resource and budget.

Your business could also experience cost savings by avoiding investment in unnecessary Lift Truck Operator training.  For example, when new operators come on site their skill level can be assessed. In the event the operators skills are to the required level, they can get straight to work after specific and familiarisation training, removing the need for further Basic training to be delivered which can affect productivity.

However, having an in-house Lift Truck Assessor must never be a shortcut to ‘cheap’ training. Only a qualified Lift Truck Instructor should deliver Lift Truck Operator training, the Lift Truck Assessor course does not provide instructional teaching and it is not intended for candidates who are required to deliver training.

Read more about this course or to book Lift Truck Assessor training. 

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