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Concerns about eLearning? Here’s why you don’t need to worry

Blogs | 19th Jul 2023

Using eLearning for online training is becoming more popular. However, it is still new to many in the warehousing industry. Some learners and businesses may have concerns about it. From how it works, to how effective it is.  

Here we explore how to overcome these concerns. And explain some of the many benefits that make eLearning part of the future of training.

“eLearning is impersonal and lacks human interaction.”

One concern about eLearning is that it lacks human interaction. And that this could lead to a lack of engagement.

However, modern eLearning platforms have evolved to incorporate highly interactive elements. These features often enable learners and Instructors to interact. This results in engagement and facilitates communication.

Many eLearning programs enable tailored feedback and one-on-one support. So, learners receive necessary guidance and assistance during their learning journey. It is far from impersonal.

“eLearning is not as effective as traditional classroom learning.”

Some believe eLearning is less effective than traditional classroom learning. However, research shows that well-designed eLearning programs can be equally, if not more, effective. eLearning allows learners to progress at their own pace. They can access resources anytime, anywhere, and receive immediate feedback. This can enhance the learning experience.

Additionally, eLearning often incorporates multimedia elements. This includes videos and interactive exercises. These can aid understanding and information retention and appeal to different types of learners.

“eLearning requires advanced technical skills and equipment.”

Did you know that most modern eLearning requires minimal technical skills? These platforms are designed to be user-friendly and accessible. They offer intuitive interfaces, and easy navigation and comprehensive technical support. eLearning requires no more technical know-how than watching Netflix on your phone, or booking a hotel online.

Most eLearning programs can also be accessed on computers and tablets. This makes eLearning extremely accessible for businesses and individuals.

“eLearning lacks motivation and accountability.”

In a classroom, it is easy to see how motivated learners are. And it is clear that Instructors are accountable for learners’ progress. However, eLearning programs can offer this too. They can incorporate various motivational strategies. Games, rewards, and progress tracking keep learners engaged and motivated.

eLearning platforms often include features for the Instructors too. They can monitor learner progress, provide feedback, and assess performance. This ensures accountability and promotes learner success.

“eLearning is not suitable for all types of learners.”

People learn in different ways. Some prefer hands-on or visual learning, for example. Classroom training is not the best approach for everyone. Modern eLearning platforms meet this need. With a range of learning methods catering to these differences.

Plus, eLearning can be customised to meet learners’ needs and preferences. This allows for personalised learning experiences.

Embracing eLearning for effective lift truck operator training

All training has advantages and limitations. However, eLearning is proven to be an effective and engaging option. It is a flexible, accessible, and effective learning experience. Suited to learners of all ages and backgrounds.

To embrace the future of training, approach eLearning with an open mind. By adapting to new technologies, businesses can explore the vast opportunities that eLearning offers.

One such solution is the award-winning eTruck UK platform from RTITB. This is a unique, digital storytelling tool. It can be used for training novice counterbalance and reach truck operators. Highly interactive, it increases training effectiveness, whilst reducing training time. Training candidates complete their theory training online. Anywhere, anytime, at their own pace.

As this takes place before practical training, eTruck UK reduces training time by up to 2 days. Freeing up Instructors to deliver more practical training, rather than spending time in the classroom. With eTruck, for example, three refresher candidates can be trained in the time it usually takes to train one. Learn how much time and money you could save with the eTruck Savings Calculator.

Try eTruck now. Request a demo license today. Contact the RTITB team to find out more.