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Farewell and good luck, Nick Welch!

Blogs | 29th Apr 2021
Nick Welch

After 25 years with the RTITB team, Nick Welch will be retiring as Technical Director on 30th April 2021.

We hope that you will join us in wishing him all the best!

A walk down memory lane…

Nick Welch and Richard BrewerNick joined the RTITB family back in 1996 as an Auditor/Examiner and was later promoted to Technical Manager, eventually landing in his current role as Technical Director.

Nick’s role comprised of many different aspects – from providing technical reporting and business updates to the RTITB Board of Directors to interviewing new members of staff for the auditing and examination teams.

Nick provided technical material handling equipment guidance and compliance-based decisions and opinions to support the RTITB Team of auditors, examiners, and administrators. Part of Nick’s remit was also to write, sign off, and manage all of the training materials written by our customers.Nick Welch

Another important role he had was to provide professional opinions for prosecutions and defence teams where workplace transport incidents occurred.

From 2017-2019, Nick was also chairman of the Accrediting Bodies Association for Workplace Transport (ABA).

People changes at RTITB

Many of our customers will speak with Nick on a regular basis and we want to take this opportunity to assure you that you will still be very much looked after! From the beginning of May, we will have in place a new Technical Management Team (consisting of Gavin Hutchinson, Andy Blatch, Simon Richards and Richard Brewer) so we wanted to let you know who to contact when you need assistance.

Gavin Hutchinson will commence his new role as Senior Technical Services Manager, working closely with Andy Blatch, Simon Richards, and Richard Brewer, who together will take on all parts of Nick’s role and his responsibilities.

Gavin HutchinsonGavin will have overall accountability for the technical accuracy of all RTITB products and services. He will represent RTITB at Accrediting Bodies Association for Workplace Transport (ABA) meetings and other trade association events. Gavin will work closely with Laura Nelson (RTITB’s Managing Director) to support training providers and in-house training teams to become RTITB Accredited and help customers on their eLearning

Andy will be responsible for all aspects of RTITB’s End Point Assessment services Andy Blatchfor Supply Chain, LGV, and Express Delivery standards. He’ll also answer customer queries on material handling equipment (MHE) and LGV related issues and conduct workplace transport HealthChecks. Andy will work closely with Gavin to ensure the technical accuracy of all RTITB products and services and will provide consultancy services to customers, as well as providing training for new MyRTITB TrainingFriend app users.

Simon RichardsSimon will be responsible for all aspects of material handling and airside equipment auditing and examining services. He’ll be on hand answering customer queries on MHE and airside equipment, while also developing MHE courses and eLearning. Plus, Simon will conduct workplace transport HealthChecks, provide consultancy services to customers, and deliver training for new MyRTITB TrainingFriendapp users.

Richard BrewerRichard will be responsible for the technical accuracy of RTITB LGV training content including Driver CPC and LGV Instructor courses. He’ll also be available to deal with LGV related customer queries and key to the development of LGV courses and eLearning. He will represent RTITB at various trade association meetings including the Road Haulage Association’s (RHA) Transport, Warehouse, and Distribution group. Richard will also provide LGV consultancy services to customers.

Nick WelchIt’s likely you already know them all, but if you’ve not yet met them, they’d be more than happy to chat through any questions you may have, so get in touch!

Nick, you have been a real asset to RTITB over the years, and we thank you for all of your hard work and commitment! All that is left to say is GOOD LUCK and WE WILL MISS YOU!