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How forklift eLearning can increase profits for Training Providers

Blogs | 15th May 2024

Think the rise of eLearning is going to put you out of business? Think again. The right eLearning for forklift operators and reach truck operators has the potential to help training providers to grow and win new business. In fact, eTruck UK from RTITB could help you increase your profits by 54%.

The interest in eLearning is increasing. More companies and candidates expect an eLearning option for training courses. Online learning cannot replace crucial in-person practical training. But eTruck provides an effective solution for lift truck and reach truck theory training. Here is how it can help training providers like you to reduce training time, improve cost efficiency, increase scalability, and deliver measurable results. All with no compromise on training quality.

Reduce training time

One big advantage of eLearning for lift truck operator training is that it saves time. Traditionally theory training has been classroom-based. Customers are losing days of operational time for each employee attending a course. By using eTruck UK for lift truck and reach truck novice operator training, this is no longer the case.

Candidates can complete the theory part of their training via the innovative eTruck eLearning platform. This can be done online, anywhere with an internet connection, at any time prior to attending the course. What’s more, eTruck starts the process of learning ready for practical training, such as an introduction to the truck, load handling, pre-use inspection, and many other topics. As a training provider, this makes it a more time efficient training solution.  As a result, you may have capacity to deliver more training courses. See how this could work here.

Offering this option also enables you to be competitive against other commercial training providers. Employers will be attracted to the additional flexibility you can give them. They no longer lose days of employee time in one go. Instead, they can plan for the eLearning to be completed around operational demands. This helps them to stay productive. They can also save on associated training costs like travel and hotels.

How many training hours can be saved?

One reason why eTruck offers a more profitable solution is that it reduces the number of contact hours required for training. Take the following example for training a Novice Counterbalance operator, followed by a Reach Truck conversion (based on 3:1 training).

With the traditional training route, you would deliver 32.5 hours of novice training for Counterbalance, followed by 13 hours of conversion training for Reach Truck. The minimum contact training hours would be 45.5 hours.

With the eTruck eLearning route, around 5 hours would be spent completing eTruck, followed by 21 hours of practical training for Counterbalance, and then 8 hours practical training for Reach Truck. Equating to 16 hours minimum. That represents a huge saving of 16 hours.

You can also deliver more courses in a shorter timeframe for refresher training. With the traditional training route, you’d need 4.5 hours to deliver refresher training to one candidate. By using eTruck, you can deliver refresher training to three candidates in that same time (eTruck will take as little as one hour for each candidate to complete).

Improving cost efficiency

With every classroom-based training course comes overheads. With rising costs, this can cut into your profit for the training you deliver. However, using eTruck UK enables you to eliminate the costs that come with using physical classrooms. From lighting, heating, and catering, to printed course materials.

By freeing up training time, this also gives you capacity to deliver more practical training. For example, in just one week you could deliver an Initial operator course for three candidates and a Refresher course. This enables you to deliver more lift truck operator courses overall. Thereby increasing your earning potential. Of course, Instructor time can also be allocated to deliver other training courses that contribute to your overall profitability. With eTruck this can help training providers to increase profits by up to 54% over a typical two week period – see an example here.

Increased scalability

Closely linked to cost efficiency is scalability. Using forklift eLearning such as eTruck enables you to reach a broader customer base. All without incurring a proportional increase in costs.

Moreover, it empowers you to tap into the high demand for lift truck operator training. With a shortage of trained forklift operators, your customers are likely to want training as soon as possible. eTruck helps you to open up training capacity and accommodate a larger number of training candidates overall. This helps reduce waiting times for your customers. And that helps keep your customers coming back for repeat business.

Adopting forklift and reach truck eLearning also does not mean that you have to eliminate classroom-based training from your offering completely. It can be a way to scale up the range of training options you offer and to cater to the different needs of different companies. So, you can unlock untapped business opportunities.

RTITB Accredited training providers have access to marketing support to help promote this offering. This includes a free listing on the RTITB website. The marketing toolkit also contains other resources to help you, including:

  • Social media posts/templates
  • Website copy
  • Images
  • Videos

Delivering measurable results

With eTruck UK Instructors can track and measure candidate’s progress throughout theory training. This can help ensure candidates arrive better prepared for practical counterbalance operator training. Interventions can be made during the theory training phase. And Instructors know the areas that require more focus during face-to-face practical training. This supports better training outcomes for your customers, helping them to maximise the value of their training investment.

The unique eTruck platform from RTITB is also designed to appeal to a wide range of different types of learners. This enables candidates to gain a greater understanding of the subject matter.

This not only makes the training more engaging, but also more impactful. eTruck does not take any shortcuts. So, customers can still be reassured of the quality of the training that their employees receive.

From quality training comes a real change in operator behaviour. And from safer, more efficient operators comes safer, more efficient operations for your customers. Reducing the likelihood of incidents or damage, and the costs that can come alongside it.

Stay competitive with eTruck

It is an evolving training landscape, where demand is high and investments are closely managed. Embracing eLearning with eTruck can help you to stay competitive.

Why not request a free eTruck demo license? See how his pioneering forklift eLearning technology can help revolutionise your training offering, keep you at the forefront of the industry, and deliver a service that will delight your customers.

Or contact our expert team to discuss more on how incorporating eTruck could benefit your training company.