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How much could you save on forklift training?

Blogs | 22nd May 2020
online snippet of the eTruck Calculator

We’ve launched a new interactive calculator that can show how much money you could save on counterbalance lift truck training with eTruck UK, our completely unique lift truck e-learning tool.

Go to the eTruck calculator now.

What is eTruck online forklift training?

eTruck is a powerful training tool, that uses digital storytelling to increase novice forklift and reach truck training effectiveness. Completely online, trainees can learn anywhere, anytime, rather than having to attend theory training in a classroom. As well as being great for novice operator training, it can also be used for experienced but untrained candidates, conversion candidates and provides effective online forklift refresher training too.

If you usually have to pay people to cover shifts for staff who are on training courses, or are incurring the costs of lost time from your operation, eTruck will save you time and money on operator training.

See how much time (and money) you could save with eTruck!

Use our online eTruck calculator tool now to find out how many employee hours you could save by switching to eTruck forklift eLearning, and how much money you could save as a result. With eTruck, you could reduce training course time by up to 2 days per operator, per course, so if you’re training lots of operators every year, the savings really add up!

eTruck licenses, which are available only from RTITB accredited partners, are also a sound long-term investment for your forklift operators. Valid for life, eTruck enables operators to return to the lift truck knowledge library whenever they wish to refresh their memory.

Start using eTruck now

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