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Introducing our new and improved RTITB Yardshunter Instructor training course

Blogs | 12th Mar 2020

At the RTITB Instructor Academy, we’re dedicated to setting our trainee Instructors up for continued safety and success after they finish our training. That’s why those completing our Yardshunter Instructor training course will now receive a completely free set of detailed, high-quality training materials.

Course materials – new and improved!

To get qualified as a Yardshunter Instructor is one thing, it’s another to go back to the business and start delivering training. Developing course materials can be a time-consuming job and may not be the best use of your Instructor’s skills and resource.

With the new and improved RTITB Academy Yardshunter Instructor course, that’s not a problem. On successful completion of the training and the exam, Instructors will get everything they need to be able to deliver training straight away.

The free set of training materials includes:

– A comprehensive Instructor guide
– Yardshunter training PowerPoint slides
– Compliant assessment papers
– Mock examination questions
– Pre-use inspection sheets
– Example training record
– And many other helpful handouts and supporting documents

What’s covered on a Yardshunter Instructor course?

The RTITB Academy Yardshunter Instructor training gives candidates the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver training on tractor units or tug masters with a trailer safely, effectively and efficiently. As well as equipping candidates with the skills to plan and deliver this specific type of training, it is also focused on teaching them the more general roles and responsibilities that they should understand to be a great Instructor.

Our Yardshunter Instructor training course is delivered by our RTITB Academy experts either at our dedicated training centre in the West Midlands, UK, or at your premises over 2 or 3 days. It concludes with an objective examination carried out by an RTITB examiner which must be passed, giving you complete peace of mind.

Who can train as a Yardshunter Instructor?

The RTITB Yardshunter Instructor course is suitable for candidates which have excellent communication skills and a minimum of a B entitlement on their driving licence. The course does not teach candidates to shunt vehicles so they should already have experience of both operating and shunting vehicles.

To take the course, prior experience in instructing is desirable, though our experts can extend the course to 3 or 4 days to cover this if needed.
A course for qualified RTITB Vehicle Yardshunter Instructors who wish to renew their registration is also available and can be completed in as little as one day.

Why do you need a Yardshunter Instructor?

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Document “Workplace fatal injuries in Great Britain”, 30% of workplace fatalities were as a result of being struck by a moving vehicle. If you’re an employer, having correctly trained Yardshunters will help reduce the risk of such an incident, while helping to support your compliance with the Health and Safety at Work act.

With a trained Instructor, you can be reassured of consistently high standards of Yardshunter training, helping to keep operations safe and productive.

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