Counterbalance & Reach Truck Novice eLearning (eTruck UK)

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eTruck UK (counterbalance and reach truck eLearning) is the completely unique digital storytelling tool for candidates who want to do theory training online anywhere, anytime, at their own pace before practical training. 

ABA Category: B1, B2, B4, D1, D2

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Course outline

eTruck UK is designed to deliver real behavioural change as well as relevant legislative and regulatory knowledge, making it a more powerful, effective way of learning about counterbalance (forklift) and reach truck operation. With eTruck UK, candidates learn by following a digital story that encourages them to think about the effects that their actions and decisions have on others. It shows them how lucky they are on a day to day basis and how easily it can (and does) go wrong. eTruck UK tackles decision making under pressure and provides an insight into the workplace and where lift truck operations fit in.

Practical training is required following completion of the theory element.

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8 chapters providing a total of approx. 3-4 hours of bitesize content

  1. Types of trucks
  2. Inspection and maintenance
  3. Truck operation
  4. Risks of tipping over
  5. Goods and maintenance handling
  6. Traffic environments and safety
  7. Discover the risks

How it works

All RTITB eLearning material is browser based and is available to access anytime, anywhere with an internet connection (recommended HTML modern browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox). RTITB eLearning can be used on multiple platforms such as tablets, laptops and PCs/MACs. Candidates simply log on to the eLearning platform and work their way through the course at a pace that suits them. Progress is saved so that the program can be completed over multiple days/weeks.

License purchase

An email will be sent with your license key(s) in 1-3 working days from purchase. A lifetime license must be purchased for each candidate.

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Further details

All RTITB eLearning courses are focussed on improving safety, whilst changing operator behaviour alongside the delivery of legally required regulatory knowledge and understanding.

Customisable/bespoke eLearning courses are available, get in touch to find out more.