Counterbalance Operator’s Safety Code Booklet

A handy, easy to use A5 booklet designed for counterbalance lift truck (forklift) trainees/operators to refer back to, to refresh their skills and knowledge regularly.

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Being a safe and efficient counterbalance lift truck operator requires careful training, good judgement, practical knowledge and confidence. Our handy and easy to use safety code supports trainees and operators and provides clear guidance on how to operate safely.

The 8 chapters include:

  • Safety basics
  • The truck, controls and instruments
  • Preparing, moving off, stopping and parking
  • Steering, stability and motion
  • Controlling the truck in a live working environment
  • Pick up, transport and deposit palletised loads
  • Batteries and refuelling
  • Pre-use inspection

There is a discount available on this product for RTITB Accredited Partners, Master Driver CPC Consortium Members and RTITB Registered Instructors.