LTG1704 Overhead Gantry Crane Trainers’ Guide USB

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With this handy Instructor Guide, you’ll have everything you need to run Overhead Gantry Crane operator training. Your USB stick includes a Trainers Guide (Course Program), PowerPoint Presentation, Candidate Handouts, Assessment/Test Marking Sheets and Question Papers.

See a sample of the guide here.

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Our LTG1704 Overhead Gantry Crane (also referred to as OTC, EOTC, Remote Crane and Pendant Crane) Trainers’ Guide – supplied on a USB – has been specifically designed to allow appropriately qualified instructors to set up and conduct operator training for overhead cranes. This guide covers two basic designs of overhead crane;

  • A ‘bridge’ type that travels by means of the crane travelling on rails fixed at height to static columns secured to the ground or building
  • A second design where the vertical supporting columns are fixed to the crane and the complete assembly travels along rails/grooves/channels positioned at ground level

Either configuration of crane type may be controlled by:

  • Pendant control
  • Remote control
  • Cab control

The Trainers’ Guide USB includes:

  • Instructor Guide PDF (including a session library and practical exercises)
  • Slide Deck (PowerPoint presentation)
  • Associated Knowledge Test
  • Pre-Use Inspection Test Marking Sheets (Candidate and Instructor)
  • Practical Test Marking Sheet
  • Appendices
  • Supporting Documents

There is a discount available on this product for RTITB Accredited Partners, Master Driver CPC Consortium Members, Dangerous Goods Consortium Members and RTITB Registered Instructors.

See a sample of the guide here.



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