LTG11 Multidirectional Lift Truck Trainers’ Guide


Our LTG11 Multidirectional Lift Truck guide helps to ensure compliance with PUWER training requirements and provides comprehensive instructions for Novice, Existing, Conversion and Refresher training. This guide covers training for ABA codes M1, M2 and M3.

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The LTG11 Multidirectional Lift Truck (also referred to as Combi and Fourway (4)) guide includes course documentation, course design, information on training standards and copies of test marking sheets for Practical, Pre Use Inspection and Associated Knowledge.

Written in line with the HSE’s Approved Code of Practice: Rider Operated Lift Trucks, this guide is designed to provide clear guidance on all aspects of training. The guide will walk you through the course lesson by lesson, providing you with the information you need to deliver Novice, Existing, Conversion and Refresher training.

There is discount available on this product for RTITB members and RTITB Registered Instructors.