MHE Instructor PowerPoint USB: LTG8 Pivot Steer

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Our handy and professional LTG8 Pivot Steer Truck (Flexi/Bendi) USB contains a PowerPoint presentation, theory test papers, practice mock papers and course handouts and is designed to save time and support instructors delivering operator training for P1 category trucks.

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The RTITB LTG8 Pivot Steer Truck Instructor USB (sometimes referred to as Flexi or Bendi trucks) has been specifically designed to save time for instructors who are delivering operator training for;

• ABA category P1 trucks

The USB includes a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation to aid the delivery of engaging and accurate operator training, plus a bank of theory papers and practice mock papers (for the associated knowledge test), course handouts, useful course information to share with candidates’ pre-course and a wealth of other helpful resources.

The LTG8 Pivot Steer Instructor USB is also available to purchase along with the Trainers’ Guide here.

There is discount available on this product for RTITB members and RTITB Registered Instructors.