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Uphold training and safety standards more easily as an RTITB Registered Forklift Instructor

Blogs | 4th Jan 2023
Lift Truck Instructors

We know that the best Lift Truck Instructors are always keen to deliver high standards of training. They want to ensure their operators and training candidates are engaged with their courses. And to make sure that the lift truck operators they train can ultimately work safely and efficiently.

We make it simpler for Instructors to provide outstanding training. A range of high-quality materials is available for all RTITB Registered Instructors.

Avoid ‘death by PowerPoint’

No Instructor wants to bore their candidates. And not everybody enjoys long slide presentations during training. Yet creating a captivating slide deck can take a lot of time and effort. So RTITB has done the hard work for you!

RTITB Registered Instructors have access to a wide range of RTITB Training Materials. This includes slide deck presentations. These are expertly designed to be engaging for learners, and easy to use for Forklift Instructors.

RTITB Trainers Guides, Question Papers and Mock Theory Papers are also available. The Trainers Guides include different training delivery methods for instance group contribution, group participation and demonstration. They also help make the training more interactive

The result is better engagement, leading to more knowledgeable forklift operators at the end of the course.


RTITB Registered Instructors can choose to purchase individual training guides and PowerPoints at the RTITB Shop. All RTITB Registered Instructor receive a 10% yearly discount. Or businesses may prefer to provide unlimited access to the entire RTITB course suite in the RTITB eLibrary.

The RTITB eLibrary gives unlimited online access to all the lift truck training materials you need, in one place. That includes trainers guides, instructor presentations and course handouts for Counterbalance, Reach, Pallet Truck, VNA, MEWP and Order Picker training courses.

All materials are regularly updated, free of charge, to ensure legal compliance. For peace of mind that the correct versions are being used, a notification system shows when a document/PowerPoint has been updated. New courses are also added completely free of charge.

Access is available with an annual subscription. This helps Instructors to save time, reduce costs, and maintain high training standards. The content can also be downloaded from the eLibrary for offline use.

Incorporate eLearning into courses

The way people prefer to learn is evolving. There are differences between age groups and genders. Individuals will also tend to have a particular learning style. For instance, some respond better to visual learning, and some need to learn by experience.

Many younger candidates will expect their operator training course to incorporate eLearning. For Instructors, eLearning can give the flexibility for training to take place outside the classroom. Usually, instructor time is used for sharing information and introducing ideas. This leaves little time for candidates to explore the ideas and practice applying the knowledge. By giving candidates the chance to learn key theory content via self-paced eLearning before the course, Instructors can use their time with candidates to ensure that knowledge is applied effectively. Candidates can have plenty of practice time under instructor supervision, instead of using instructor expertise to introduce basic subjects. This increases operator competence and safety.

RTITB supports this growing demand. RTITB Instructors have access to a wide range of lift truck eLearning courses. This includes eTruck UK. This platform takes the theory part of forklift and reach truck novice and refresher training completely online.

Demonstrate high standards: RTITB International Register of Professional Instructors

When Instructors are trained and examined to the RTITB standard, they are able to join the RTITB International Register or Professional Instructors. This demonstrates that the Instructor has achieved a high standard of qualification. Also, that their training complies with guidance by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

For businesses, using RTITB Registered Instructors helps ensure the highest training and safety standards are upheld. The same applies when training new Instructors for their business via an RTITB Accredited Instructor Centre.

For Instructors, it is a simple way to prove to employers they hold a sought-after, professional qualification.

The growing network of 5000+ RTITB Registered Instructors benefit from the support of free technical advice and guidance from RTITB. Plus, a monthly eBulletin of industry and legislative updates.

They also receive a welcome pack on registration. This includes a certificate and ID card, £40 to spend at the RTITB Shop, and 10% discount thereafter. Enabling them to easily obtain whatever materials are needed to deliver safe and effective operator or driver training.


Get Instructors qualified to the RTITB standard

Whether you’re a business looking to train, re-register or convert your Instructors to the RTITB Lift Truck Instructor qualification, our specialist RTITB Accredited Instructor Centres can help. Or perhaps you’re an individual looking to qualify?

Find a training partner now.

Already completed RTITB Instructor training and passed the examination?

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