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Workplace transport incidents – need a professional opinion?

Blogs | 28th Oct 2020
Workplace transport incidents

If the worst happens and a workplace transport incident occurs, this may result in legal action. Whether you’re the employer involved, or a law firm handling a case, RTITB can help by providing impartial professional opinions and reports assessing the workplace transport operations, suitable for use in court.

Expert opinions from RTITB

One of our core RTITB services is our Workplace Transport Operations HealthCheck. Our experts go on site and provide an independent assessment of the operation, looking at areas such as pedestrian routing, barriers, signage, systems of work, traffic routing, training, and more. It results in a straightforward written report highlighting areas of concern and offering guidance to address these. Often organisations will request a HealthCheck where they have concerns about safety, or where they have had a near miss involving workplace transport vehicles and equipment.

When we provide expert opinions for legal prosecutions, the process is similar. Though unfortunately, we are usually called upon for our insight after a catastrophic incident has already happened.

What does the process involve?

If an RTITB expert opinion is required, we can deliver an impartial report commenting on the specific areas required by the case. This often includes the system of work used on the day of the incident, the risk assessments available for the process, the training of parties involved, and any safe systems of work in place.

Our experts will usually start by reviewing the initial reports and statements of all parties (such as those from witnesses, the police, or coroners) and will then, if necessary, undertake site visits and inspect equipment.  If provided with Inspector status, we can also conduct interviews with witnesses and take statements that can be used in court.

None of the cases we encounter are straightforward and there are usually complex issues to rationalise, making this a long process. Many factors can be attributable to the incidents that occur, but often system errors and human short cuts are identified as contributors. Equipment is designed to be safe; it is almost always the humans that fail.

That said, our experts know that you can never assume what has caused an incident. During the process, they will closely examine evidence presented, and report only on the facts. As a result of the investigations, our experts provide a written report of professional opinions which can be used in court. If required, our expert can attend court and stand under oath, subject to cross examination.

Let us provide our unique expertise

RTITB has a long-standing reputation around workplace transport safety in the industry, and with health and safety authorities.  Our team has a high level of expertise gained from working with a diverse range of material handling and logistics operations across many years. Our team is uniquely qualified to help, with their impartial professional opinions.

If your business or legal firm requires a professional opinion from one of our experts, please get in touch.

Avoid workplace transport incidents

If you’re an employer, it is far better to prevent a workplace transport incident than to deal with the consequences, not least the potential human cost. With the right systems, equipment, and training, many of the incidents we see could have been avoided.

Talk to us about a Workplace Transport Operations HealthCheck today for improved safety and compliance.